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Winter's Tale Cast and Crew

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Colin Farrell - Peter Lake
Jessica Brown Findlay - Beverly Penn
Russell Crowe - Pearly Soames
Jennifer Connelly - Virginia Gamely
William Hurt - Isaac Penn
Eva Marie Saint - Adult Willa
Will Smith - Judge
Matthew Bomer - Young Man
Lucy Griffiths - Young Woman
Kevin Corrigan - Romeo Tan
Ripley Sobo - Abby
Mckayla Twiggs - Young Willa
Michael Crane - Ellis Isle Doctor
Brian Hutchison - Ellis Isle Official
Alan Doyle - Dingy Worthington
Jon Patrick Walker - Optometrist
David O'Brien Hart - Penn House Butler
Maurice Jones - Cecil Mature
Matthew Staley - Oyster Boy
Scott Grimes - Carriage Driver
Graham Greene - Humpstone John
Brenda Wehle - Governess
Tom Morrissey - Butler
Finn Wittrock - Gabriel
Joshua Henry - Gravesman
Maggie Geha - Girl in Bed
Caitlin Dulany - Librarian
Norm Lewis - Custodian
Kevin Durand - Cesar Tan
Harriet D Foy - Receptionist
Rob Campbell - Gwathmi
Scotty Dillin - Grand Central Short Tail
Ioana Alfonso - Ballroom Dancer
Kevin Aubin - Ballroom Dancer
Albert Blackstone - Ballroom Dancer
John Carroll - Ballroom Dancer
Peter Chursin - Ballroom Dancer
Carolyn Doherty - Ballroom Dancer
Joel Dowling - Ballroom Dancer
Lori Ann Ferreri - Ballroom Dancer
Luis Figueroa - Ballroom Dancer
Adam Fleming - Ballroom Dancer
Heather Hamilton - Ballroom Dancer
Manuel Herrera - Ballroom Dancer
Lindsay Janisse - Ballroom Dancer
Laurie Kanyok - Ballroom Dancer
Christopher King - Ballroom Dancer
Keith Kuhl - Ballroom Dancer
Allison Leo - Ballroom Dancer
Shylo M. Martinez - Ballroom Dancer
Dennia Dylis Minter - Ballroom Dancer
Mark Myars - Ballroom Dancer
Candy Olsen - Ballroom Dancer
Nathan Peck - Ballroom Dancer
Andy Pellick - Ballroom Dancer
Casey Quinn - Ballroom Dancer
Charlie Sutton - Ballroom Dancer
Ron Todorowski - Ballroom Dancer
Brooke Wendle - Ballroom Dancer
Neka Zang - Ballroom Dancer
Matthew Tutsky - Ballroom Music Leader
Thomas K Carney - Ballroom Musicians
Shmuel Katz - Ballroom Musician
Diego A. Garcia - Ballroom Musician
Sandy Park - Ballroom Musician
Matthew Lehmann - Ballroom Musician
Listo - Athansor
Akiva Goldsman
Akiva Goldsman
Marc Platt
Michael F Tadross
Tony Allard
James Packer
Steven Mnuchin
Kerry Foster
Bruce Berman
William M Connor
Raymond Quinlan
Akiva Goldsman
Mark Helprin