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John Wayne - Frank W "Spig" Wead
Dan Dailey - Carson
Maureen O'Hara - Minnie Wead
Ward Bond - John Dodge
Ken Curtis - John Dale Price
Edmund Lowe - Admiral Moffett
Kenneth Tobey - Herbert Allen Hazard
James Todd - Jack Travis
Barry Kelley - Captain Jock Clark
Sig Ruman - Manager
Henry O'Neill - Captain Spear
Willis Bouchey - Barton
Dorothy Jordan - Rose Brentmann
Peter Ortiz - Lieutenant Charles Dexter
Louis Jean Heydt - John Keye
Tige Andrews - "Arizona" Pincus
Dan Borzage - Pete
William Tracy - Air Officer
Harlan Warde - Executive Officer
Jack Pennick - Joe
Charles Trowbridge - Admiral Crown
Mimi Gibson - Lila Wead
Evelyn Rudie - Doris Wead
Mae Marsh - Nurse
Alberto Morin - Second Manager
Janet Lake - Nurse
Fred Graham - Officer in Brawl
Stuart Holms - Producer
Olive Carey - Bidy O'Faolain
Major Sam Harris - Patient
May McEvoy - Nurse
William Paul Lowery - Commodore--Wead's Baby
Chuck Roberson - Officer
Cliff Lyons
Veda Ann Borg
Christopher James
William Henry - Aide
John Ford
Charles H Schneer
James E Newcom
Frank Fenton
William Wister Haines

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