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'Win Win': Wonderful, Worth While

March 25th, 2011 10:34am EDT
Win Win tells the story of Mike, who becomes the legal guardian of Leo a senile old man. A couple of days later, his grandson shows up and through circumstance ends up living with Mike and his wife, Jackie. From there the story features bonding and the typical lines about betrayed trust.

It's moving without being schmaltzy, it's funny without telling jokes, and the characters have definite chemistry. These traits are often the signs of a great movie. But Win Win never edges itself into greatness. It's a better-than-some independent dramedy that has a good cast and a good script, but all th...

Review: 'Win Win' 'Two Jews On Film' Agree This Is Definitely A Winning Movie (Video)

March 18th, 2011 2:06pm EDT
Winn Winn
'Win Win' directed and written by Tom McCarthy (The Visitor and The Station Agent) explores the depths and nuances of human relationships. It shows us how under certain circumstances, even the most unlikely characters can come together and form a bond that is life changing.

Attorney Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) is your typical Everyman. He has a loving wife Jackie ( brilliant Amy Ryan) and two small kids who adore him. The only thing Mike loves almost as much as his family is...'Wrestling'. Too bad the high school wrestling team Mike coaches along with his law partner, Stephen (Jeffr...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Limitless,' 'Paul,' & More

March 14th, 2011 10:00am EDT
Last week I was able to interview director Cary Fukunaga and actress Mia Wasikowska about their most recent project “Jane Eyre.” I got to talk with them about their motives for remaking a classic story like Jane Eyre, about working with Judi Dench, and about life on the road promoting movies. If you have not already read it, check out my interview with them, and my review of the film.

I’ve already seen “Paul,” starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which debuts this week, and I have plans to see two other films coming out: “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Limitless.” I will also be interviewing ...

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