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Genre: Drama, Foreign

Mehni Belhaj Kacem
Julia Faure
Michel Subor
Jérôme Huguet

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After losing his wife Carole from a heroin overdose, Francois, a thirty year old director, wants to make a film against drugs. Lucie, a young actress he is in love with, should play the main role. But raising the money to shoot the film is difficult: all the producers refuse to invest in it because of its subject. One day, Chas, a businessman who knew Carole, offers Francois a huge amount of money to carry two suitcases full of heroin from one country to another, and he accepts the deal. Everything goes as planned. Francois starts shooting his movie in Amsterdam. Meanwhile the emotional strain on Lucie begins to take its toll. She grows depressed as she starts to identify more and more with ... Full Summary >>