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Who Is K.K. Downey?

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Release Date: November 03, 2009
Genre: Comedy, Foreign

Darren Curtis
Kristin Adams
Matt Silver
Pat Kiely

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Theo and Terrence are best buddies, twenty-something scenesters with big ambitions. Theo's invested three years in his first novel "Truck Stop Hustler," the hair-raising, drug-soaked tale of a male prostitute. Terrence is a sociopathic slob with delusions of grandeur, dreams of rock 'n' roll superstardom with all the hedonism and hero worship that entails. But the cards aren't in their favor. Their band can't draw flies, and the girl Terrence loves has been stolen from him by an obnoxious music journalist with an ego bigger even than his own. Meanwhile, Theo's book is rejected by a slimy publisher. Nobody, he claims, wants to hear that story from a soft, pampered suburban white boy. In a fla... Full Summary >>