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Release Date: January 21, 2005
Genre: Drama


Jonathan Lipnicki

Eric Stoltz

Jane Krakowski

Cody Linley

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It started as just another quiet summer in the tiny town of Granger, Texas, for 12-year old Toby Wilson. That was before Granger turned into a virtual circus, when Zachary Beaver, "the fattest boy in the world" comes to town. In his trailer decorated with colored lights, Zachary is his one-man sideshow - eating everything he can find, barking orders through his thick New York accent and giving these small-towners a dose of attitude with a capital A. The whole town gathers around to gawk at Zachary, who in turn gawks back. But, Zachary is more than just an overweight kid with an attitude - much more, as Toby and his friends quickly find out. When Toby and his best friend Cal visit Zachary to ... Full Summary >>