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10 Hidden Gems On Netflix

2/27/2014 4:00pm EST
10 Hidden Gems You Can Dig Up On Netflix
Whether you’re binge watching Frank Underwood’s murderous political tendencies in “House of Cards” or outraging over Orca injustice in “Blackfish”, it’s hard to deny the zenith of quality films and programming available on Netflix. But with so many titles available to watch at any moment on the streaming service, many quality films and shows been lost in obscurity without any search or genre algorithm to bring them back to light. It may take years to watch every morsel of their programming, but here are 10 hidden Netflix treasures guaranteed to add some much needed diversity to your queue. ...

Blu-ray Review: 'West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition'

11/18/2011 11:45am EST
West Side Story pic
Ready to rumble once again with the Sharks and Jets? Then join us in checking out this weeks lush and luminous new Blu-ray release of the classic Oscar winning film "West Side Story," a 50th Anniversary Edition via MGM Home Entertainment. Something’s coming...

Title: "West Side Story" (50th Anniversary Edition)

Grade: 5

Cast: Natalie Wood, Russ Tamblyn, Richard Beymer

Director: Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 153 minutes

Release Company: MGM Home Entertainment


The Flick: Can anyone really deny the awesome dramatic power a...

'Glee' Recap: Virgin Scorecard

11/9/2011 12:53pm EST
Glee Rachel and Blaine
Like Sandra Dee, this week’s ‘Glee’ was lousy with virginity. Expectations were high after promos showed Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine all getting their sexy on… but as it happened, ‘The First Time’ was kind of disappointing.

Unfortunately, West Side Story just doesn’t lend itself to this theme the way Madonna does. The season one tribute to the Queen of Pop covered similar territory and featured “Like a Virgin,” the most perfect song for the occasion. More importantly, the subject of de-flowering came up naturally and organically. Conversely, this week’s sudden sexual awakening isn’t moti...

A Few Of The Best Movie Musicals

12/24/2009 9:33am EST
On Christmas Day a brand new musical hits the theaters, titled "Nine," and it got Starpulse thinking about the musical genre. The hits on Broadway always keep people wanting more, and over the years musicals have been beloved on the big screen as well. They've won Oscars, attracted huge movie stars, and everyone loves a good dance routine. Here's a look at the best movie musicals in no particular order.

"The Sound of Music," made in 1965, is an Academy Award winning movie and one of the most successful film musicals of all time. After being adjusted for inflation, it is rumored the movi...

'Guitar Hero 5' With Kurt Cobain, Firestarters, Ne-Yo, NeoCube, & More (Videos)

8/31/2009 3:41pm EDT
Guitar Hero 5 With Kurt Cobain, Firestarters, Ne-Yo, NeoCube, Ni
Kurt Cobain featured in "Guitar Hero 5"; Dire Straits; reporter gets stung by a bee; and fire starting for dummies (actually, dummies starting fires). Also, Ne-Yo channels West Side Story for the VMAs; NeoCube may be the next Rubik's Cube (but probably not); and have a listen to Alice In Chains' "Check My Brain", off their forthcoming comeback album (sounds great!). Check 'em all out!

"Guitar Hero 5" is released tomorrow... here's Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", complete with Kurt Cobain on vocals and guitar...

"Smells Like Teen Spirit":

Let's see another. how about...

Paris Is Singing Again, 'Gentlemen Broncos' Trailer, Russell Brand's 'West Side Story' Promo & More (Videos)

8/21/2009 5:00pm EDT
Paris Is Singing Again,
Paris Hilton is giving her singing career a second chance. Here's a teaser (thankfully) of her new song; Jared Hess's new film "Gentlemen Broncos" looks fantastic; and a skateboarder shows us what happens when the top half of the body keeps going while the bottom half stops. Russell Brand promotes the MTV VMA's (he's the host again this year) with a West Side Story themed promo; "Winkers" are an upcoming fad that hopefully will get stopped short, and Looner's "I Love My Tamagotchee!" Check 'em all out!

Oh dear Lord, Paris Hilton is going to release new music. Here's a clip of her u...

'King Kong', 'Creature' To Join Universal Studios Hollywood In 2010

5/24/2009 4:00pm EDT
King Kong
King Kong, among the screen’s most powerful and enduring icons, will re-emerge on the famed and newly upgraded Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour in summer, 2010 as a thrilling and ground-breaking 4-D multi-sensory marvel, a new signature attraction for Universal Studios Hollywood.

The new King Kong attraction, based on the Oscar®-winning 2005 Universal Pictures film, will combine thrilling visceral effects with the world’s largest Surround Digital projection system to create a next-generation theme park experience.

Larry Kurzweil, President and Chief Operating Officer, Unive...

25 Surprise Celebrity Deaths That Rocked Us All

4/7/2009 9:10am EDT
Natasha Richardson
Actress Natasha Richardson's unexpected death in a skiing accident late last month stunned and saddened the public. The usually overzealous media even seemed to tread lightly, gently reporting a story it never expected to tell. For a culture that values and admires celebrity, the death of vibrant public figures with potential yet to fulfill serves as a harsh reminder that despite glamour, talent and seemingly charmed lives, all of us are mortal. Whether on screens big or small, over the radio airwaves or in bright vivid color on canvas, the sudden passing of an entertainer can feel like the...

Spotlight On Oscar's Best Pictures

1/7/2009 12:15pm EST
January is the start of award season which means it's a tense time in Tinsel town! Actors are either being recognized or shunned for their tremendous work, agents are either celebrating with their stars or firing their "has-been" actors and we are betting on who is going to take home the Oscar! The stars, the fashion, the ambiance, the parties and actually taking home an Oscar along with the bragging rights that come along with it make this time of year so exciting!

The category of Best Picture is a huge deal and to be a part of the movie that wins is an honor! To say that you starre...

10 Movie Schools You Wish You Could Attend

9/9/2008 10:00am EDT
Revenge of the Nerds
Everyone hates going back to school, but these 10 celluloid schools would make any student jump out of bed and get there early. Whether it’s a high school full of fast cars and faster women or an academy for students with “special” talents, this list will get you wishing you were enrolled in one of these fun and fabulous movie schools.

10 - Harrison University - "Old School"

Pros: You get to hang out with your best buds. Age, marriage, kids or reality need not stop you from attending. You never have to actually go to classes or graduate in order to feel like a part of the col...

Spotlight On Movies That Became Musicals

8/28/2008 10:30am EDT
The Little Mermaid
Fans of movie musicals know that most of their favorites, like "Grease," "West Side Story," "The Sound of Music," and "Oklahoma!" were adapted from popular Broadway plays. However, the trend in recent years has been to flip that formula around by taking a big-screen hit and trying to turn it into a small-stage sensation.

Disney has had great success with its theatrical adaptations, starting in 1994 with the critically-acclaimed "Beauty and the Beast." The hits kept coming with stage productions of "The Lion King," "Mary Poppins," and, most recently, "The Little Mermaid."


'Circle Of Life' Marks John Bayless' First Album Release Since 1999

6/1/2008 4:00pm EDT
John Bayless
In 1985, pianist John Bayless began his recorded music career with Bach Meets the Beatles, an album where he brilliantly improvised on the songs of the Beatles in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Twenty-three years later, Bayless remains one of the top classical crossover stars in the US — his albums have consistently topped the charts, and he has sold well into the hundreds of thousands. On his new album, Circle of Life, he once again fuses the music of Bach with popular tunes — though this time taking his melodic inspiration from the songs of Elton John.

The juxtapositions ar...

The Cineplexes Are Alive With The Sound Of Music: The Return Of The Movie Musical

5/6/2008 8:30am EDT
On April 22's episode of American Idol, renowned composer and lyricist Andrew Lloyd Weber stood patiently trying to teach a blank-eyed Jason Castro the song, "Memory" from one of history's most popular musicals, "Cats." Smiled the clueless Castro, "I didn't even know a cat was singing it."

Quell'horror! Is this the extent of musical theater knowledge possessed by today's generation? In fairness, Castro is from Texas, not exactly around the corner from Broadway. Perhaps had there been a big-screen version of "Cats," more people under the age of 30 would be hip to the magic and majesty...

Young Fans Find Nostalgia In Bruce Springsteen, 'Girls In Their Summer Clothes'

4/18/2008 3:27pm EDT
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen and the beach are intrinsically linked. Imagine the Bruce of the 1970s chasing girls on a Jersey boardwalk, getting sand stuck in the scruff of his lazy beard and evading the pushers. It's nothing less than the embodiment of Mid-Atlantic state romance. Think The Beach Boys/West Side Story/The Sopranos. Wouldn't that be the life? The fireworks at the beach would be the red, white, and blue blazes that veer, explode and gently descend onto Bruce and Sandy in "4th of July, Ashbury Park." Then at the end of the season, "Atlantic City" would play as you took a pensive late...

TCM Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Its Annual 31 Days of Oscar Film Festival

1/27/2007 11:00am EST
Breakfast at Tiffany
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) showcases the versatility of the films honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences during its annual on-air festival "31 Days of Oscar," February 1 through March 3.

Each day of programming is themed into different categories including “Directing,” “Cinematography,” “Actor,” “Actress,” “Song,” “Costume Design,” and “Original Screenplay.” Additionally, a 72-hour “Best Picture” marathon, from 8 p.m. ET Thursday, Feb. 22 through 8 p.m. ET Sunday, Feb. 25 will serve as a drum roll leading into the 79th Annual Academy Awards® telecast.


27 Classic Prog Rock Anthems on 2CDs Features Yes, Genesis, Rush & more…

5/28/2006 3:00pm EDT
Progressive rock ("prog") is an ambitious, eclectic, and often grandiose style of rock music which arose in the late 1960s principally in England, reaching the peak of its popularity in the early 1970s, but continuing as a musical form to this day. Progressive rock was largely a European movement, and drew most of its influences from classical music and jazz fusion, in contrast to American rock, which was influenced by rhythm & blues and country, although there are notable exceptions in the New World such as Kansas and Rush — considered by many to be the finest examples of the form. Over th...