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The Wedding Crashers Cast and Crew

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Owen Wilson - John Beckwith
Vince Vaughn - Jeremy Grey
Christopher Walken - Secretary Cleary
Rachel McAdams - Claire Cleary
Isla Fisher - Gloria Cleary
Jane Seymour - Kathleen Cleary
Ellen Albertini Dow - Grandma Mary Cleary
Kieran O'Donnell - Todd Cleary
Bradley Cooper - Sack Lodge
Ron Canada - Randolph
Henry Gibson - Father O'Neil
Dwight Yoakam - Mr. Kroeger
Rebecca De Mornay - Mrs. Kroeger
David Conrad - Trap
Jenny Alden - Christina Cleary
Geoff Stults - Craig
James McDonnell - Attorney
Jesse Henecke - Attorney
Lou Cutell - Old Jewish Man
Sparkle - Old Jewish Woman
Frankie Ray Perelli - Old Italian Man
Patricia Place - Old Italian Woman
Chao-Li Chi - Old Chinese Man
Norma Michaels - Old Irish Woman
Noel DeSouza - Old Indian Man
Ivana Bozilovic - Ivana
Camille Anderson - Camille
Diora Baird - Vivian
Ned Schmidtke - Frank Meyers
Jennifer Massey - Woman
Dylan James Turner - Bratty Kid
Sophia Blouin - Flower Girl
Stephen J. Downs - Franklin
Larry Joe Campbell - Best Man
Mark Duane Anderson - Secret Service Agent
Irene Roseen - Ederly Woman
Jules Mandel - Rabbi
Betsy Ames - Betty
Carson Elrod - Flip
Josh Wheeler - Kip
John G. Pavelec - Ken
Charles Kahlenberg - Priest
Kathryn Joosten - Chazz's Mom
Karen Miller - Chazz's Girlfriend
Tanaya Nicole - Woman at Jewish Reception
Naureen Zaim - Hindu Woman
Cindy Taylor - Girl at Irish Wedding
Melanie Hawkins - Girl Who Cries
Summer Altice - Girl Who Cries
Lisa Beach - Wedding Planner
Lovelynn Ann Vanderhorst Jensen - Wedding Planner
Phyllis Samhaber - Woman at Table
O.J. Watson - Man at Table
Al Cerullo - Helicopter Pilot
Rachel Sterling - Brunette
Keir O'Donnell - Todd Cleary
David Dobkin
Andrew Panay
Peter Abrams
Robert L. Levy
Guy Riedel
Toby Emmerich
Richard Brener
Cale Boyter
Steve Faber
Bob Fisher