Water Damage

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Running Time: 85 mins.
Genre: Adaptation, Thriller


Daniel Baldwin

Leslie Hope

John Neville

Mimi Kuzyk

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Someone is out to get revenge on a man with a terrible secret that he can't remember from the past.

Paul Preedy's three-year-old son, Clifford, drowns in their backyard pool, even though Paul had locked the pool gate. One year later, Paul's life is dramatically different. Consumed by guilt over Clifford's death, he is no longer with his wife or his remaining son, Tom. Paul has a new girlfriend, Quinn. After his weekly therapy session with Tom, Paul sees his son talking to Arabella Bauer. She and Paul hit it off. When he attends what he thinks is his prep school reunion, Paul finds the the place deserted except for two other schoolmates, Dave King and Andy Adams. The school infirmary contai... Full Summary >>