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Tom Cruise - Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning - Rachel Ferrier
Miranda Otto - Mary Ann
Justin Chatwin - Robbie Ferrier
Tim Robbins - Harlan Ogilvy
Rick Gonzalez - Vincent
Lenny Venito
Yul Vazquez - Julio
Lisa Ann Walter - Bartender
Ann Robinson - Grandmother
Gene Barry - Grandfather
David Alan Basche - Tim
Roz Abrams - Herself
Michael Brownlee - TV Reporter-Osaka
Camillia Sanes - News Producer
Marlon Young - News Camerman
John Eddins - News Van Driver
Peter Gerety - Hatch Boss/Load Manager
David Harbour - Dock Worker
Miguel Antonio Ferrer - Brazilian Neighbor
January LaVoy - Brazilian Neighbor's Wife
Stephen Gevedon - Neighbor with Lawnmower
Julie White - Woman
Marianni Ebert - Hysterical Woman
Rafael Sardina - Mechanic's Assistant
Amy Ryan - Neighbor with Toddler
Ed Vassallo - Intersection Guy
Michael Arthur - Intersection Guy
Danny Hoch - Intersection Guy Cop
Sharrieff Pugh - Man Studying Street
Erika LaVonn - Photographer
Christopher Evan Welch - Photographer
John Michael Bolger - Man Holding Women
Omar Jermaine - Man Holding Women
Robert Cicchini - Guy in Suit
Jim Hanna - Bus Driver
Tracy Howe - Crowd Onlooker
Adam Lazarre-White - Crowd Onlooker
Vito D'Ambrosio - Crowd Onlooker
Laura Zoe Quist - Crowd Onlooker
Ana Maria Quintana - Crowd Onlooker
Lorelei Llee - Crowd Onlooker
Mark Manley - Ferry Worker
John Scurti - Ferry Captain
Becky Ann Baker - Disaster Relief Volunteer
Mariann Mayberry - Mother
Ty Simpkins - 3 Year Old Boy
Jerry Walsh - Smart Guy
Thomas Guiffre - National Guardsman
Daniel Franzese - National Guardsman
Ed Schiff - Older Man
Ellen Barry - Woman from Upstate
Amy Hohn - Panicky Woman
Dan Ziskie - Informative Guy
David P Conley - Ill-Informed Guy
Daniel Eric Gold - Conspiracy Buff
Booker T Washington - Conspiracy Debunker
Maggie Lacey - Upset Mother
Eric Zuckerman - Doomsday Guy
Daniel Jacobs - Younger Man
Asha R Nanavati - Woman in Crowd
Joaquin Perez Campbell - Young Soldier in Tank
Dendrie Taylor - Well Meaning Mother
James Dumont - Well Meaning Father
Travis Aaron - War of the Worlds Soldier
Benny Ciaramello - War of the Worlds Soldier
Ricky Luna - War of the Worlds Soldier
Columbus Short - War of the Worlds Soldier
Kent Faulcon - War of the Worlds Soldier
Kevin T Collins - Marine Major
Terry Thomas - Marine Major
Clay Bringhurst - Airforce Pilot
Jorge-Luis Pallo - Army Private
Suanne Spoke - Businesswoman
Kirsten Nelson - Businesswoman
Melody Garrett - Older Woman
Lauri Johnson - Older Woman
Takayo Fischer
Shanna Collins - Teenager
Elizabeth Jayne Hong - Teenager
Art Chudabala - Man in Basket
Jeffrey Hutchinson - Man in Basket
Dempsey Pappion - Man in Basket
Chris Todd - Man in Basket
Johnny Kastl - Boston Soldier
Juan Carlos Hernández - Boston Soldier
Bruce W Derdoski - Boston Soldier
John N Morales - Boston Soldier
Morgan Freeman - Narrator
Yul Vasquez - Julio
Steven Spielberg
Kathleen Kennedy
Colin Wilson
Paula Wagner
Josh Friedman
David Koepp
H.G. Wells

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