Waitress Cast and Crew

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Keri Russell - Jenna
Jeremy Sisto - Earl
Cheryl Hines - Becky
Nathan Fillion - Dr. Pomatter
Andy Griffith - Old Joe
Eddie Jemison - Ogie
Lew Temple - Cal
Adrienne Shelly - Dawn
Darby Stanchfield - Francine Pomatter
Heidi Sulzman - Exhausted Mother
Lauri Johnson - Nurse Norma
Cindy Drummond - Hospital Nurse
Sarah Hunley - Dr. Lily Mueller
Nathan Dean - Minister
Caroline Fogarty - Doctor's Assistant
Christy Taylor - Pregnant Woman
Jennifer Walsh - Pregnant Woman
MacKenzie King - Flower Girl
Hunter King - Obnoxious Toddler
Donna Leslie - Char
Nora Paradiso - Ethel
Danny Allen - Jim
Andy Ostroy - Cake Man
Hailey Parker - Lulu Newborn
Riley Stefanelli - Lulu Newborn
Bella Stromel - Lulu Newborn
Kira Grace - Lulu At 3 Months
Elaine Levine - Woman In Pie Contest #1
Doreen Powell - Woman In Pie Contest #2
Sophie Ostroy - Lulu As Toddler
Evan King - Toddler In Diner
Eleya Avery-Ault - Toddler In Diner
Jesse Schneider - Toddler In Diner
Zoe Schneider - Toddler In Diner
Henry Smith - Toddler In Diner
Haley King - Obnoxious Toddler
Adrienne Shelly
Michael Roiff
Danielle Renfrew
Jeff Rose
Todd King
Robert Bauer
Adrienne Shelly