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The provocative story of four remarkable African-American women who journey through a modern labyrinth of husbands, lovers, jobs and makeovers. Savannah moves from Denver to Phoenix, the home of her best friend Bernadine, intent on becoming a successful TV producer and finally snagging Mr. Right. Meanwhile, Bernadine has just received the news that her husband is abandoning her for his younger, white bookkeeper. Their highly successful, sexually adventurous friend, Robin Stokes, can't stay away from pretty men who lie and cheat. Unlike the rest of her friends, Gloria Johnson isn't seeking solace in men. Instead, she finds it in food, her trendy hair salon and her precocious but difficult teenage son Tarik. But now that Tarik is growing up, Gloria is about to set out into the world again. Over the span of a single year, Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria weather these challenges under a powerful umbrella of comradeship, even in the most exasperating of times.