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Review: 'The Hangover' Is A Sensation Worth Experiencing More Than Once

June 3rd, 2009 9:54am EDT
The Hangover
"I'm psyched for you to see this movie, I think you're going to like it. We're really proud of it." Ed Helms to Starpulse's Mike Ryan in a recent interview about "The Hangover."

One of the biggest compliments I can give to a film that I'm reviewing is that I would pay money -- after just seeing it for free -- to see it again. The Hangover, without question, is one of these films and I guarantee that I will see it again. So, yes, Ed Helms, you were absolutely correct: I will try, now, to express in words how much I loved this film. Seriously, I loved the hell out of The Hangover.


Stewart Copeland Cashes In On The Police Reunion With Anthology

July 30th, 2007 10:46am EDT
Stewart Copeland
The Police drummer Stewart Copeland is hoping to cash in on the band's reunion by releasing a new best of compilation. "The Stewart Copeland Anthology" will include the rocker's soundtrack recordings for films like The Pallbearer, Wall Street, Very Bad Things and Rumble Fish, which earned the drummer a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Score, alongside rare and unreleased material.

The album also features recordings by Copeland's supergroup Oysterhead.

Copeland reunited with his The Police bandmates, Sting and Andy Summers at the beginning of 2007. The trio is currently touring. ...

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