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Now Playing: Test Driving James Bond's Incredible Custom-Made Aston Martin Test Driving James Bond's Incredible Custom-Made Aston Martin
2015-10-01 Tom Hiddleston Explains How He Learned to Loosen Up and Yodel
2015-09-18 The Immigration Story Saoirse Ronan Can't Wait to Tell
2015-09-17 Kristen Stewart Lets Her Guard Down in Candid New Interview
2015-09-17 Sarah Silverman Says Comedians Can Learn from P.C. College Kids
2015-09-15 See Owen Wilson Jump Through a Glass Window in 'No Escape'
2015-08-21 Why It's So Hard to Climb the Mountain at the Center of the Universe
2015-08-18 'Straight Outta Compton' Actors Talk About Becoming N.W.A.
2015-08-13 See Elle Fanning as a Trans Teenager in the 'About Ray' Trailer
2015-08-07 What David O. Russell Learned from Pauline Kael
2015-07-08 Watch a Scene from Debra Granik's 'Stray Dog'
2015-07-03 What the Explosive Start of 'Saturday Night Live' Was Actually Like
2015-06-10 Clip From French-Canadian, Orthodox Jewish Romance 'Felix and Meira'
2015-03-28 'Tab Hunter Confidential' Trailer
2015-03-05 Part 3 of 'Muse,' Starring Kat Graham
2015-03-04 'Boyhood': Keeping It in the Family
2015-02-16 Rashida Jones Discusses the Porn Documentary 'Hot Girls Wanted'
2015-01-26 Alison Brie Explains Why She Embraced 'Sleeping With Other People'
2015-01-26 Melissa Rauch Explains Why She Co-Wrote the Ultra-Raunchy Script for "The Bronze"
2015-01-26 Chris Pine Wishes Awards Season Was Only Three Hours Long
2015-01-26 Sarah Silverman Had a 'Full-Body Panic Attack' Over 'I Smile Back'
2015-01-26 Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke Discuss 'Mistress America'
2015-01-26 Amy Ryan on the Artist’s Life, Working with Spielberg, and Slapping Zach Galifianakis
2014-10-14 Laura Dern Tripped and Fell Into Tatum O’Neal at Her First Oscars
2014-09-18 The Avengers Assembled in Toronto and Told Us Marvel’s Secrets
2014-09-16 Al Pacino on Playing an Aging Actor in 'The Humbling'
2014-09-13 Andrew Garfield Doesn't Mind Growing a Beard for '99 Homes'
2014-09-12 Benedict Cumberbatch Has Actually Been Asked About His Favorite Cheese
2014-09-12 Keira Knightley on Going Out with Benedict Cumberbatch
2014-09-12 Nick Kroll Is Still Deciding What Drug Will Cause His Meltdown
2014-09-09 Chris Evans Is a Hopeless Romantic Who May Perspire If You Approach Him
2014-09-08 Greta Gerwig on Kissing Al Pacino and Giving Him Hell
2014-09-08 Adam Driver Is Not Ready to Become a 'Star Wars' Action Figure
2014-09-08 Tom Hardy Thinks Rose Could Have Saved Jack in 'Titanic'
2014-09-08 Dominic West Explains How 'The Wire' Cured His Road Rage
2014-09-08 Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer Make a Surprisingly Great Team
2014-09-08 Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly Share the Rules for Filmmaking While Married
2014-09-08 Robert Downey Jr. Wants You to Recognize Him for 'The Judge'
2014-09-07 Wyatt Russell on Channing Tatum: 'He’s Like a Spider Monkey'
2014-06-17 Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller on '22 Jump Street'
2014-06-13 Inside Hans Zimmer’s 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Score
2014-05-04 Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Connelly Talk Physical Challenges in 'Noah’
2014-03-30 'Film Snob's Dictionary': Film Noir Star Richard Widmark
2014-02-11 Tough Questions at Sundance: How Stars Get Recognized
2014-01-26 Sam Shepard on 'Cold in July'
2014-01-26 Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan on 'Life After Beth'
2014-01-26 Mark Duplass on 'The One I Love'
2014-01-23 Bill Hader on 'The Skeleton Twins'
2014-01-22 Christina Hendricks and Philip Seymour Hoffman on 'God's Pocket'
2014-01-21 Zach Braff and Kate Hudson on 'Wish I Was Here'
2014-01-21 Aaron Paul on 'Hellion'
2014-01-20 Jason Momoa on Tv Show 'The Red Road'
2014-01-20 Joe Manganiello on 'La Bare'
2014-01-20 Margot Robbie on Meeting the Inspiration for Her Character
2014-01-12 Naomi Watts Goes Inside Princess Diana's Secret Life in New Role