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Is John Cusack Believable As Edgar Allen Poe? Watch 'The Raven' Trailer & Find Out

10/7/2011 9:03am EDT
The Raven
Upon discovering that a psychotic serial killer has been using his writings as inspiration, legendary author Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) joins forces with a bright, young Baltimore detective to catch the maniac and end his reign of terror in "The Raven."

Detective Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) was investigating a vicious murder when he realized the crime scene bore a striking resemblance to a mystery story that was just published in the local newspaper. The author of that ominous tale was Edgar Allan Poe, a brilliant young writer whose status as a social outcast catches the attention of the...

Smarter Than The Average Movie Star Natalie Portman Turns 30

6/9/2011 10:00am EDT
Natalie Portman
“I'd rather be smart than a movie star,” Natalie Portman once said. ...Turns out she’s both.

The young actress has always been a fascinating contradiction. Youthful in appearance, yet always so mature in her choices, her acting and her lifestyle. A child star who was never childish, (even at just 12 years of age in Leon), she has a natural maturity far beyond any of her peers. Which is why she’s lasted where others have crashed and burned.

Discovered by an agent in a pizza parlour at the age of 11, Portman was being groomed for a modelling career before deciding she’d rather pursue acting...

Natalie Portman Enjoys Anonymity From 'Good-Girl' Image

1/18/2011 6:05pm EST
Natalie Portman has no problem with her public perception as a Hollywood "good girl", because her reputation has allowed her to enjoy the benefits of her successful career while remaining "pretty anonymous".

The actress made her movie debut in 1994's Leon and shot to superstardom after landing the role of Queen Amidala in 1999's Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

However, she remained largely out of the public eye throughout the early 2000s as she studied for a psychology degree at the prestigious Harvard University in Massachusetts.

She has since returned to the limelight with hig...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Old Dogs,' 'The Road' & More

11/23/2009 9:45am EST
Ninja Assassin
In a change of pace, I have already seen one of the week's upcoming movies ahead of time: "Ninja Assassin." As per my expectations, the film places a lesser emphasis on plot and a higher one on intense action sequences.

While the plot isn't horrendous, many of its aspects are not as well developed as they should have been. The quality of the action starts to make up this, but it's not enough to save the film.

"Ninja Assassin" is a mediocre movie at best. My opinion is that it's not worth wasting your money on seeing in the theater. If you really want to see it, I'd recommend waiti...

Smarter Than The Average Celebrity

9/1/2009 10:03am EDT
Natalie Portman
Celebrities are not generally known for being scholarly, brainy, or bookish. On the whole, these types of words are reserved for people like Stephen Hawking, Marilyn Vos Savant, and Kim Ung-Yong. If a celebrity is fortunate, their claim to fame is achieved via artistic talent and entertaining know-how. There are, of course, celebrities who are not so fortunate, like Li Lo, Paris, and Brit, the Hollywood train wreck trifecta, whose notoriety is due more to excessive bed-hopping, drug use, feuds with friends, and wardrobe malfunctions than it is to arty aptitude. But what would the celebrity ...

Sarah's Cinema Musings: Creative Film Marketing

7/28/2009 9:48am EDT
District 9
Film studios have a long history of using alternative, memorable and sometimes guerrilla marketing to promote their films. One of the most famous examples is Alfred Hitchcock's now iconic film, Psycho. The Blair Witch Project also made waves, and Cloverfield's viral campaign took marketing to a new level, paving the way for more questionable advertising. The bomb scare generated from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Dark Knight campaigns made filmgoers wonder where the line is in marketing. Is there a line? Should there be one limiting actions?

Check out two new campaigns for Joss Whe...

Seven Celebrities Who Don't Need Makeovers

5/21/2009 9:45am EDT
Hayden Panettiere
Celebs are constantly switching up their looks - changing their hair, their personal style, even their faces. Still, there are those lucky ones (unlike some of the rest of us) who don't need to change a thing. And we hate them for it!

Kim is an obvious choice. She's deliciously curvaceous and stunningly beautiful. Recently, some photographs surfaced of her where she appeared to have dyed her hair blonde. To our great relief though, she was wearing a wig. Close one! A blonde Kim Kardashian is like a brunette Marilyn Monroe - something's just not right.

Kim Kardashian

- Click pic f...

'Celebrity Madness' - Vote For The Final Four!

3/30/2009 1:00am EDT
Three Number Ones Remain
It's the Elite Eight! After numerous upsets in the Sweet 16 round of voting we've cut the field down to just eight women and eight men; and you're sure to be surprised by who's still left in the tournament! Cast your votes in this round for your favorite celebs to determine the Final Four celebrities in Starpulse's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! Here are the final eight matchups of the tournament - four womens' & four mens'!

-Click to see the: results of the first round, the results of the second round! and the results of the third round!

For more information on t...

Can Jeffrey Dean Morgan Do It Again? Vote In The Sweet 16! (Pt. 2)

3/27/2009 2:00pm EDT
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
On we move to the Sweet 16! Cast your votes for your favorite celebs in this third round of action in Starpulse's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! With rounds one & two over, you've narrowed the field of 64 down to 16 and we've got 16 more matchups for you to vote on in both our men's and women's brackets!

For this round there will be two parts with eight matchups in each, four women's matches and four men's.

-Click to see the: results of the first round and the results of the second round!

For more information on the "Celebrity Madness" tournament and to get up...

Jessica Biel & Megan Fox Move On To Round 2 Of 'Celebrity Madness' (Pt. 1); Vote!

3/23/2009 12:30pm EDT
Jessica Biel
Cast your votes for your favorite celebs in Round 2 of's first annual "Celebrity Madness" tournament! With round one over, you've narrowed the field of 64 down to 32 and we've got 16 more matchups for you to vote on in both our men's and women's brackets!

Round 2 will consist of four parts with eight matchups in each one for you to vote on. Links to both men's and women's below.

-Click here to see the results of the first round!

For more information on the "Celebrity Madness" tournament and to get updated & printable brackets, go HERE.

The Matchup


Play Starpulse's 'Celebrity Madness 2009 - The Women' (Round 1, Group 2)

3/19/2009 1:00pm EDT
Number One Seed Megan Fox
Cast your votes for your favorite male & female celebrities in's First Annual "Celebrity March Madness" showdown! In the spirit of the NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, we bring you two celebrity tournaments throughout the month of March that will determine the number one male and female celebrity - chosen by YOU!

All you have to do is cast your vote in the poll under the picture for one of the two celebs in each matchup! At the end of the round, we'll tally the votes and get the next round underway. There's even a bracket (updated after each round) with all ...

Underrated & Overrated Films Based On Graphic Novels

3/6/2009 9:41am EST
It's rare that commercials are actually right, but today they are when they claim that a film based on the "Most-Acclaimed Graphic Novel of All Time" will be released.

That film, and novel, is "Watchmen" of course. The movie comes from the 12-part comic series from Alan Moore ("From Hell", "V for Vendetta") that was quickly packaged into a graphic novel upon its completion. Many consider this series the greatest in the history of comics and the subsequent novel actually made it onto Time Magazine's 100 Greatest Novels of the Century List. Needless to say, there's no doubting its acc...

Graphic Novels We'd Like To See As Films

7/8/2008 10:44am EDT
graphic novels
With graphic novels becoming widespread with the arrival of big movies such as "300," "Sin City," and "V for Vendetta" that gathered huge audiences, new interest arose in the stylistic hard cover comics. A graphic novel is a type of comic book usually aimed at adults with a long and complicated story that eventually does have a distinct ending. It can also be a collection of comic books bound into a single collection under a particular story arc. In any case, the world is becoming more enamored with comic book as blockbusters like "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight" keep coming along, but ther...

Happy Valentine's Day: Celebrate With A Kiss

2/14/2008 11:18am EST
A smooch from The Notebook
Beso, Kuss, Bacio, Kiss - any way you say the word, it is a large part of Valentine's Day festivities. Whether it is sharing a romantic dinner, going to a movie or other romantic plans, a kiss is always involved.

Over the years, there have been some remarkable kisses caught on film. There are the kissing scenes like Spiderman kissing upside down, kissing in the rain from The Notebook and the innocent spaghetti kiss from Lady and the Tramp.

Some unusual best on screen kisses include the kiss shared between "V" and "Evey" on V for Vendetta. A kiss never looked so passionate even w...

Terror Returns As 'The Rage Virus' In The Horrific Sequel '28 Weeks Later'; Win A Copy!

9/18/2007 9:00pm EDT
28 Weeks Later
CENTURY CITY, Calif. - Quarantine. Eradication. Sterilization. Repopulation. The terror and devastation unleashed in the groundbreaking horror masterpiece 28 Days Later picks up six months after the Rage virus has decimated London in 28 Weeks Later, the heart-stopping zombie horror sequel that "surpasses the original" (Dallas Morning News). Months after the deadly outbreak annihilated the British Isles leaving only a handful of survivors, the army declares the war against the infection has been won and the reconstruction of the country slowly begins; but as the first wave of refugees r...

'Superman Returns' Dominates 33rd Saturn Awards

5/11/2007 4:18pm EDT
Superman Returns
Superman Returns dominated the 33rd Saturn Awards in Los Angeles yesterday, picking up honors including Best Fantasy Film, Best Director for Bryan Singer and Best Actor for Brandon Routh. The superhero blockbuster also won Best Writing for Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty, and Best Music for John Ottman at the annual awards, presented by the Academy Of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

Elsewhere, television show Heroes won Best Network TV Series, Best Supporting Actor for Masi Oka, and Best Supporting Actress for Hayden Panettiere.

Natalie Portman picked up Best Actress In ...

New Movies on DVD, Aug. 1

8/1/2006 8:00am EDT
V For Vendetta
Natalie Portman had few qualms about shaving her head for V for Vendetta. The film centers on the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain. A man cloaked in mystery ignites a revolution and finds an unlikely ally in a seemingly mild mannered young woman (Portman). And Tim Allen had no problem portraying a dog in The Shaggy Dog. In this film, an unexpected transformation helps a workaholic attorney (Allen) learn that there's more to life than the courtroom in this remake of the 1959 Disney canine classic of the same name.

No Birthday Kiss for Bruce Willis

3/22/2006 10:16am EST
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis was left red-faced during his 51st birthday party when his alleged supermodel girlfriend snubbed his advances for a kiss. The 16 Blocks star celebrated the special occasion, at New York's trendy G2 lounge on Saturday night, with rumoured lover Petra Nemcova and star friends Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes and Clive Owen, among others.

Later in the evening, Willis was seen moving in for a birthday smooch with Petra, but the catwalk beauty - who the actor reportedly stood up at the US premiere of 'V For Vendetta' last week - spurned his efforts. An insider told New York Post new...

Natalie Portman Compares 'V' Torture Scenes to Holocaust

3/21/2006 9:58am EST
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has compared the torture scenes in new movie 'V for Vendetta' to the Holocaust. The Israeli-born actress - who plays freedom fighter Evey in the movie - claims the brutal scenes of concentration camp-style torture made her recall the atrocities inflicted on the Jews, including her grandparents. She revealed: "Fortunately, my grandparents escaped, but their whole family perished in the Holocaust.

"There were stories in the house of what had happened to them and it wasn't that much talked about. I had to go on a website to read my grandfather's descriptions of what happen...

Beauty Tips From Natalie Portman

3/10/2006 10:06am EST
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman has an unusual new beauty tip for women - don't waste time preening yourself. The 'Closer' star - who sports a skinhead in new movie 'V for Vendetta' - insists women throw away years of their lives pampering and preening. The stunning actress said: "The time you spend on your appearance as a woman - if you pull all that together, you would have an extra ten years to live."

Meanwhile, Natalie has revealed she loves her newly-shaven head so much she is thinking of keeping the dramatic look. The actress, who chopped off her locks to play a freedom fighter in the film, says...

'V For Vendetta' To Be Released on IMAX

1/26/2006 12:46pm EST
V for Vendetta
and conventional theatres on March 17, 2006.

The addition of V For Vendetta makes IMAX's 2006 film slate stronger than any previous slate in the Company's 35-year history, with five new digitally re-mastered Hollywood films - including two in theatres this year.

"We're excited to give fans the opportunity to experience V For Vendetta in IMAX's spectacular format," said Joel Silver, producer of V For Vendetta. "The clarity and immersive quality of The IMAX Experience adds a dynamic dimension to the film's powerful visuals, breathtaking action and multi- layered storytelling."