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NYC's Union Square is the setting for an unexpected reunion between two estranged sisters, one on the verge of getting married, the other on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lucy attempts to shop while anxiously talking on her cell. When the news is not what she wants to hear, she has a complete meltdown. Unsure of her next move, she has an idea. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself somewhere she's never been: her younger sister Jenny's loft apartment in Union Square. Jenny is stunned to see Lucy on her doorstep and, what's worse, unable to keep her out. Jenny has little time to explain her sister's arrival to her fiancé Mike -- whose never met Lucy or anyone in Jenny's family. Lucy tries to update Jenny about their old friends in The Bronx and about their estranged mother, but when the news is not what Jenny expects to hear, she's left wondering just what else Lucy could possibly do to disrupt her ordered life...that is, until Lucy delivers even more surprises.