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Ten years ago, Monroe Hutchen was a rising boxing star in California. But one night, in a fit of passion, he committed a crime that led to a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He's serving time in the newly built Sweetwater Prison in the Mojave Desert -- a maximum security level 5 state correctional institute. Hutchen continues boxing in the inter-prison boxing program with a record of 67 wins and no losses. The prisoners consider him a hero...their undisputed champion. Resigned to spending the rest of his life in prison, Hutchen still wonders what he could have achieved as a boxer outside the prison walls. He soon gets his chance to test his skills when the world heavyweight champion George "Iceman" Chambers is sent to prison at Sweetwater. Iceman is sentenced to 6-8 years on a rape charge and is angry at the world for ruining his peaking career over a charge he denies is true. Also serving a life sentence at Sweetwater is Mendy Ripstein, a boxing afficionado with longstanding ties to the Mob. What he sees in Iceman and Hutchen is an opportunity to promote a huge fight for serious money. He lures Hutchen into the ring on the promise of prize money to send home to his sister and three kids. For Iceman it's the chance to get out on special parole via mob ties to the parole board. For both it means a fight to the finish by London Prize Ring rules -- no referee, lighter gloves and the last man standing wins.