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Undercover Brother Cast and Crew

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Eddie Griffin - Undercover Brother/Anton Jackson
Chris Kattan - Mr Feather
Denise Richards - Penelope Snow/White She Devil
Aunjanue Ellis - Sistah Girl
Dave Chappelle - Conspiracy Brother
Chi McBride - The Chief
Neil Patrick Harris - Lance
Gary Anthony Williams - Smart Brother
Billy Dee Williams - General Boutwell
Jack Noseworthy - Mr Elias
Robert Trumbull - The Man
J D Hall - Narrator
William S Taylor - Roscoe
Shauna MacDonald - Wendy
Ron Pardo - Chuck
Susie Spear - Bonnie
Jim O'Connor - Chad
Dave Pearce - Reporter
Liz West - Reporter
Enid-Raye Adams - Reporter
Divine Earth Essence - GFC Jingle Singers
Jenni Burke - GFC Jingle Singer
Keisha T Fraser - GFC Jingle Singer
James C Mathis - GFC Announcer
Troy Taylor - Li'l UB
Robert Townsend - Mr. UB
Gina Sorell - Multinational Receptionist
James Brown - Himself
Simon Reynolds - Golfer
Kenner Ames - Golfer
Lee Smart - Golf Cart Guard
David Sparrow - Golf Cart Guard
Randy Butcher - Bank Security Guard
Bryan Thomas - Bank Security Guard
Tig Fong - White She Devil's Enforcer
Darren McGuire - White She Devil's Enforcer
Marvin Kaye - Fortress Security
L J Vasilantonakis - Fortress Security
Paul Rapovski - Fortress Security
Layton Morrison - Fortress Security
Marco Bianco - Fortress Security
Nick Alachiotis - Fortress Security
Peter Szkoda - Fortress Security
Wayne Downer - Fortress Security
Bryan Renfro - Fortress Security
Malcolm D. Lee
Brian Grazer
Michael Jenkinson
Damon Lee
John Ridley
Bill Carraro
Kim Roth
Mathew Hart
Dana Robin
Michael McCullers
John Ridley