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Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Cast and Crew

Jurnee Smollett - Judith
Lance Gross - Brice
Kim Kardashian - Ava
Vanessa Williams - Janice
Robbie Jones - Harley
Renee Taylor - Ms. Waco Chapman
Ella Joyce - Sarah
Jim Adams - Client
Alvin Aki - Client #4
Sid Baxley - Client #2
Renee Clark - Sarah's Church Sister #2
Candice Coke - Marriage Counselor
Stephanie Marie Douglas - Choir Singer #1
Timothy Scott Floyd - Choir Singer #6
Jack Brandon Frazier - Choir Singer #4
Howard French - Client #1
Ryan Johns - Choir Singer #2
Blanche Leigh Johnson - Choir Singer #7
Bethany Hurst Jones - Choir Singer #5
Doreen Ketchens - Singer
Bryson Lofton - BJ
Ronald Lynch - Young Brice (10yrs)
Shelia Maddox - Sarah's Church Sister #1
Cara Mantella - Social Advance Marriage Counselor
Andrea Moore - Lisa
Shamea Morton - Woman
Nadine A. O'Brien - Choir Singer #3
Shaeleigh Person - Young Judith (10yrs)
Andy Rusk - Mountain Biker
Zachary Sale - Brad
Ron Bobb-Semple - Client #3
Demontrez Spears - Man #1
Peg Thon - Mildred
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry
Paul Hall
Ozzie Areu
Michael Paseornek
Mike Upton
Tyler Perry