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It's a Wonderful Afterlife


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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Horror

Mark Lee
Candy Lim
Linda Liao
Alvin Wong

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Guan is a flashy, womanizing drug dealer. It was during one of his many flings that he'd knocked up Mimi, who turned obsessive in getting his attention which led to a fatal end. Guan's ruthless way unknowingly unleashed the devil in Mimi. Cavin and Randall got their hands on some drugs. Their game plan was to spike the drinks of their colleagues, Linda and Tracy during a night out at the club. Anxious to get laid, the eager guys end up in a freak accident. Fa and her daughter, Yi Ning were victims of her abusive husband. Unable to tolerate the abuse and traumas, Fa killed her husband. The vengeful spirit of her husband swiftly possessed Yi Ning to create harvoc. To save her daughter, she see... Full Summary >>