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True Crime Cast and Crew

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Clint Eastwood - Steve 'Ev' Everett
Isaiah Washington - Frank Louis Beechum
Denis Leary - Bob Findley
Lisa Gay Hamilton - Bonnie Beechum
James Woods - Alan Mann
Bernard Hill - Warden--'Luther Plunkitt'
Michael Jeter - Dale Porterhouse
Diane Venora - Barbara Everett
Michael McKean - Reverend Shillerman
Sydney Tamiia Poitier - Jane March
Mary McCormack - Michelle Ziegler
Hattie Winston - Mrs Russel
Penny Bae Bridges - Gail Beechum
Francesca Ruth Eastwood - Kate Everett
John Finn - Reedy
Laila Robins - Patricia Findley
Erik King - Pussy Man the Tramp
Graham Beckel - Arnold McCardle
Frances Fisher - Cecilia Nussbaum
Marissa Ribisi - Amy Wilson
Christine Ebersole - Bridget Rossiter
Anthony Zerbe - Governor Henry Lowenstein
Nancy Giles - Leesha Mitchell Frank's Lawyer
Tom McGowan - Tom Donaldson
William Windom - Neil-- The Bartender
Don West - Doctor Roger Waters
Lucy Liu - Toy Store Girl
Dina Eastwood - Wilma Francis
Leslie Griffith - TV Anchor
Dennis Richmond - TV Anchor
Frank Somerville - Afternnon News Anchor
Dan Green - Field Producer
Nicolas Bearde - Reuben Skycock
Rita Tushingham - Mags Luxford
Alexei Sayle - Mighty Mac
Paul Usher - Liam Luxford
Danny McCall - Andy
Clarence Clemons - Jack
Tom Georgeson - Uncle Matty
Scot Williams - Buddy
James Hicks - Oi
Nerys Hughes - Maria
Dermot Keaney - Arnold
Jon Huyton - Terry
Del Henney - Colin
Richard Buss - Superintendent
Leo Green - Orangeman/Sax
David Spence - Orangeman/Trumpet
Gavin Watson - Orangeman/Piano
Chris Walker - Screw
Carl Chase - Dig
Timothy Gallagher - Punter
Eddie Webber - Cockney Wanker
Dominic Carter - Cockney Wanker
Steve Goodman - Cockney Wanker
Simon Selmon - Young Dancer from Matty's Pub
Louise Thwaite - Young Dancer from Matty's Pub
Henry Miles - Old Time Dancer from Matty's Pub
Elizabeth Davison - Old Time Dancer from Matty's Pub
Melissa Thomas - Buddy's Rocker Diva
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Richard D. Zanuck
Lili Fini Zanuck
Tom Rooker
Christopher McQuarrie
Larry Gross
Paul Brickman
Stephen Schiff
Andrew Klavan