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Now Playing: Jay Baruchel talks Mickey Mouse and that mop scene Ben Stiller Handprint Footprint Ceremony with Tom Cruise Speech at TLC Chinese Theater
2013-12-04 Tom Cruise Supports Ben Stiller At His Hand&Footprint Ceremony!
2013-12-04 Ben Stiller sinks hands and feet in cement
2013-12-03 Tropic Thunder - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Actor Transformations in Movies
2012-10-11 Tom Cruise and Beyonce Duet News
2012-03-13 The Stars of Tropic Thunder Discuss the Comedy Classic
2012-01-08 Tropic Thunder Movie Review
2011-07-17 Tropic Thunder
2011-02-02 Jay Baruchel talks Mickey Mouse and that mop scene
2010-08-03 Tom Cruise's Les Grossman character gets own movie
2010-06-10 Bullock gets racy at MTV awards
2010-06-07 RPatz&Kristen kiss at The MTV Movie Awards
2010-06-07 Eastbound&Down - Clip - First Date
2010-03-17 Eastbound&Down - Clip - Jet Ski
2010-03-17 She's Out of My League
2010-02-06 Funny Movie Quotes Pass the Popcorn.41
2009-11-06 Kate Winslet and Danny Boyle attend Oscar lunch
2009-02-03 Oscar hopefuls break bread, talk shop.
2009-02-03 Ledger gets Oscar nomination
2009-01-22 Tropic Thunder - Clip - Parachute down
2008-10-20 Tropic Thunder - Clip - Teen Choice Awards
2008-10-20 Tropic Thunder - Exclusive Premiere report
2008-10-20 We catch up with Robert Downey Jr as Tropic Thunder launches
2008-09-20 We talk to Jack Black as Tropic Thunder launches in the UK
2008-09-20 We check out Cruise, Stiller, Black and Downey Jr in Tropic
2008-09-19 We talk to Ben Stiller as Tropic Thunder launches in the UK
2008-09-19 Jack Black sticking to music and acting
2008-09-18 Stars step out for Tropic premiere
2008-09-17 Ben Stiller goes Tropic
2008-09-16 Tropic Thunder - Behind the scenes
2008-09-16 Protests over Stiller's Tropic Thunder
2008-08-12 Tropic Thunder Movie Premiere

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