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Till Human Voices Wake Us Cast and Crew

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Helena Bonham Carter - Ruby
Guy Pearce - Sam Franks
Brooke Harmon - Silvy
Frank Gallacher - Maurie Lewis
Lindley Joyner - Young Sam Franks
Peter Curtin - Dr David Franks
Margot Knight - Dorothy Lewis
Amanda Douge - Katherine
Dawn Klingberg - Mrs. Sacks
Anthony Martin - Russ
Fred Barker - Train Conductor
Kathy Bedford - Nurse
Stewart Faichney - Reverend Mortenbury
Diana Greentree - Mrs. Pickford
Mark Perren Jones - Police Constable
Josephine Keen - Patient #2
Roger O'Conner - Man on Train
Sally Plant - Student #1
David Ravenswood - Lawyer
Reville Smith - Undertaker
Ian Swan - Police Sergeant
Andrea Swifte - Patient #1
Joanie Thomas - Lady on Train
Brooke Harman - Silvy
Michael Petroni
David Redmond
Matthias Emcke
Thomas Augsberger
David Redman
Nigel Odell
Dean Murphy
Shana Levine
Beau Flynn
Yoram Pelman
Stefan Simchowitz
Andrew Deane
Gareth Wiley
Justin Pearce
Jonathan Gill
Michael Petroni