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Check Out 'This Is 40' On DVD, Blu-ray & More March 22

3/17/2013 6:54am EDT
This Is 40
"This Is 40" centers on Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), who are approaching a milestone meltdown.

After years of marriage, Pete lives in a house of all females: wife Debbie and their two daughters, 8-year-old Charlotte and 13-year-old Sadie. As he struggles to keep his record label afloat, he and Debbie must figure out how to forgive, forget and enjoy the rest of their lives before they kill each other.

The Judd Apatow film, billed as a "sort-of sequel" to "Knocked Up," is an emotionally insightful and very funny film. It touches on issues everyone can relate to: sex, family, m...

Leslie Mann Says Megan Fox Has 'Better Boobs Than I've Ever Seen In My Life'

1/28/2013 9:04pm EST
Megan Fox and Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann became the envy of millions of men the world over (more on that in a minute) when she felt This Is 40 co-star Megan Fox's breasts during the film's most famous scene. A new blooper reel released last week shows the two actresses cracking up while filming a scene that calls for Mann to jiggle the younger star's assets.

"Wow, I would put floodlights on them," Mann says, causing Fox to giggle and ruin the take.

That happens often in the blooper reel though, with stars like Jason Segel having to remind himself that he's an actor, Paul Rudd getting mischevious with a leaky bottle o...

Leslie Mann Says Feeling Up Megan Fox Was 'Awkward'

12/25/2012 11:55am EST
Megan Fox and Leslie Mann in This Is 40
Actress Leslie Mann fulfilled every man's dream when she groped her co-star Megan Fox's breasts on the set of their new film This Is 40 but admits the experience was awkward for them both.

In the film, directed by Mann's husband Judd Apatow, her character runs a boutique store and stumbles across her colleague, played by new-mum Fox, trying on a push-up bra.

During the scene, Mann grabs at Fox's chest and admits she found the whole situation uncomfortable because she felt so protective of her younger co-star.

Mann tells Yahoo! Movies, "I feel very protective of younger actresses because ...

Review: 'This Is 40' Is Far Too Long With Too Few Laughs

12/21/2012 11:04am EST
This is 40
Few people have done as much to change the face of American comedy as Judd Apatow. Having made significant impacts in both television and film, Apatow continually manages to blend his R-rated brand of humor with heart and sincerity. After launching Steve Carell as a legitimate comedy star in The 40-Year Old Virgin, Apatow made himself a star with Knocked Up, the funniest film of 2007 and one of the most hilarious movies of all time. To describe a movie or style of comedy as “Apatow-esque” can be both a very specific indicator of what to expect and one of the best compliments one can give t...

Review: 'This Is 40' Is Judd Apatow At His Best

12/20/2012 11:03am EST
'This Is 40'
'This is 40' or as Debbie (Leslie Mann) likes to say...38. Yup, she lies about her age, even to her gynecologist.

Debbie and Pete (Paul Rudd) her husband are turning 40, but Deb just won't admit it (can't admit it).

Judd Apatow's new film 'This Is 40' is a follow-up to 'Knocked Up.' If you've been wondering what happened to those two main characters in that film, here's your chance to find out.

Debbie and Pete are happily married with two girls, Sadie (Maude Apatow) and Iris (Charlotte Apatow). The family lives in a beautiful lavish house that they can barely afford.

Pete's indie lab...

Judd Apatow Will Not Remove Child Murder Line From 'This Is 40'

12/20/2012 8:45am EST
Judd Apatow
Judd Apatow has refused to remove a joke about child murder from his new film This Is 40 following the Newtown school massacre last week.

In the filmmaker's latest movie, a sequel to his hit Knocked Up, Albert Brooks' character says, "Line up! Line up for murder! Come on! Who wants to be killed?", while spraying his kids with a garden hose.

The children shout out "Murder me!," prompting the character to add, "All right. The kids are murdered. That will save us some money."

After 20 children were slain at Sandy Hook elementary school by suspected gunman Adam Lanza, Apatow was asked whe...

Megan Fox, Danica McKellar & More Stars Heat Up The 'This Is 40' Premiere

12/13/2012 12:00pm EST
Megan Fox
The "Knocked Up" sequel "This Is 40" hits theaters on Dec. 21, and the cast stepped out in Hollywood on Wednesday to attend the premiere.

New mom Megan Fox stunned in a dark red wrap dress with black stilettos. The actress, 26, gave birth to son Noah on Sept. 27. Just 10 weeks later she looks amazing (no surprise there!)

Newly single Danica McKellar, who filed for divorce over the summer, looked cute in a purple and silver off-the-shoulder frock.

Heather Locklear was accompanied by her beautiful 15-year-old daughter Ava Sambora, while Leslie Mann looked slim and trim in a white gown with...

Trailer For Judd Apatow's 'This Is 40' Released, Features Megan Fox In Her Underwear

8/8/2012 6:38pm EDT
This Is 40
Why does Megan Fox look so amazing in just a bra and a tiny pair of panties? "I'm just young" she explains in the new trailer for Judd Apatow's This Is 40.

The film, which stars Paul Rudd opposite Apatow's real-life wife Leslie Mann, is a "sort-of-sequel" to 2007s Knocked Up; and focuses on the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years later.

This Is 40 opens December 21 and also stars Jason Segel, Chris O'Dowd, Melissa McCarthy, John Lithgow, Albert Brooks, and, of course, Megan Fox.

Check out the trailer...

Megan Fox Gets Sexy In Thigh-High Stockings For Sharper Image

5/3/2012 1:00pm EDT
Megan Fox for Sharper Image
Megan Fox is the new face of tech product company Sharper Image. In a new promotional image the actress poses on a bed wearing black thigh-high stockings and a white button-down shirt. She appears to be holding on to an iPad.

The actress is rumored to be pregnant with her first child, but neither she nor her husband Brian Austin Green have commented on the speculation.

She recently starred in "Friends With Kids" and has several films in production, including "This Is 40" and "The Dictator." The actress claims she fell back in love with acting thanks to her cameo appearance in "The Dictato...

Megan Fox Wears Sexy Thigh-High Boots While Christmas Shopping In West Hollywood

12/1/2011 9:00am EST
Megan Fox
We spotted Megan Fox shopping for some Christmas gifts at Madison boutique in West Hollywood yesterday. The actress wore brown leather heeled boots, black stretch pants, and a gray sweater.

Megan recently made her Broadway debut. Earlier this month she participated in "The 24 Hour Plays," which gave a group of actors, writers and directors 24 hours to come up with a script and prepare it for the stage. She starred in short play "The Maid" opposite Paul Bettany, Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan.

Megan stars in several upcoming films such as "This is Forty," "The Dictator" and "Fathom." H...

Megan Fox Wears A Tight Mini Dress On 'This Is Forty' Set

8/23/2011 8:47am EDT
Megan Fox
We spotted Megan Fox wearing a gray form-fitted mini dress on the set of "This Is Forty" in Los Angeles yesterday. The slim star can't hide any bumps in that little number!

The film is helmed by Judd Apatow, who made "Knocked Up" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are reprising their "Knocked Up" characters Pete and Debbie.

"This Is Forty" also stars Albert Brooks and John Lithgow. The film is set for a summer 2012 release.