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Chain Camera

This Film is Not Yet Rated Cast and Crew

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John Waters - Interviewee
Kevin Smith - Interviewee
Matt Stone - Interviewee
Kimberly Peirce - Interviewee
Atom Egoyan - Interviewee
Darren Aronofsky - Interviewee
Mary Harron - Interviewee
Maria Bello - Interviewee
Bingham Ray - Himself
Allison Anders - Interviewee
David Ansen - Interviewee
Jamie Babbit - Interviewee
Stephen Farber - Interviewee
Martin Garbus - Interviewee
Richard Heffner - Interviewee
Lawrence Lessig - Interviewee
Wayne Kramer - Interviewee
David L Robb - Interviewee
Mark Urman - Interviewee
Theresa Webb - Interviewee
Becky Altringer - Herself
Cheryl Howell - Herself
Lindsey Howell - Herself
Wayne Kramer - Interviewee
Kirby Dick
Eddie Schmidt
Alison Palmer
Evan Shapiro
Jessica Wolfson
Megan Parlen