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The Thin Red Line Cast and Crew

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Sean Penn - 1st Sergeant Welsh
Jim Caviezel - Private Witt
John Cusack - Captain Gaff
Ben Chaplin - Private Bell
Nick Nolte - Lieutenant Colonel Tall
Woody Harrelson - Sergeant Keck
Elias Koteas - Captain Staros
Arie Verveen - Private 1st Class Dale
Dash Mihok - Private 1st Class Doll
Adrien Brody - Corporal Fife
John C Reilly - Sergeant Storm
David Harrod - Corporal Queen
John Savage - Sergeant McCron
George Clooney - Captain Bosche
John Travolta - Brigadier General Quintard
Paul Gleeson - 1st Lieutenant Band
Jared Leto - 2nd Lieutenant Whyte
Kirk Acevedo - Private Tella
Penny Allen - Witt's Mother
Simon Billig - Lieutenat Colonel Billig
Mark Boone Junior - Private Peale
Norman Patrick Brown - Private Henry
Jarrod Dean - Corporal Thorne
Matt Doran - Private Coombs
Travis Fine - Private Weld
Don Harvey - Sergeant Becker
Kengo Hasuo - Japanese Prisoner
Ben Hines - Assistant Pilot
Danny Hoch - Private Carni
Robert Roy Hofmo - Private Sico
Thomas Jane - Private Ash
Polyn Leona - Melanesian Woman with Child
Simon Lyndon - Medic No 2
Gordon MacDonald - Private 1st Class Earl
Kazuki Maehara - Japanese Private No 1
Marina Malota - Marina
Michael McGrady - Private Floyd
Ken Mitsuishi - Japanese Officer No 1
Ryushi Mizukami - Japanese Private No 4
Tim Blake Nelson - Private Tills
Larry Neuhaus - Crewman
Taiju Okayasu - Japanese Private No 6
Takamitsu Okubo - Japanese Soldier
Miranda Otto - Marty Bell
Larry Romano - Private Mazzi
Kazuyoshi Sakai - Japanese Prisoner No 2
Masayuki Shida - Japanese Officer No 2
Stephen Spacek - Corporal Jenks
Nick Stahl - Private 1st Class Bead
Hiroya Sugisaki - Japanese Private No 7
Kouji Suzuki - Japanese Private No 3
Tomohiro Tanji - Japanese Private No 2
Minoru Toyoshima - Japanese Sergeant
Terutake Tsuji - Japanese Private No 5
Steven Vidler - 2nd Lieutenant Gore
Todd Wallace - Pilot
Will Wallace - Private Hoke
Joe Watanabe - Japanese Officer No 3
Simon Westaway - 1st Scout
Daniel Wyllie - Medic No 1
Yasuomi Yoshino - Young Japanese
John Augwata - Melanesian Extra
Joshua Augwata - Melanesian Extra
John Bakotee - Melanesian Extra
Immanuel Dato - Melanesian Extra
Michael Iha - Melanesian Extra
Emmunual Konai - Melanesian Extra
Stephen Konai - Melanesian Extra
Peter Morosiro - Melanesian Extra
Amos Niuga - Melanesian Extra
Jennifer Siugali - Melanesian Extra
Carlos Tome - Melanesian Extra
Selina Tome - Melanesian Extra
John Dee Smith - Private Edward P. Train
Terrence Malick
Gary Capo
Robert Michael Geisler
John Roberdeau
Grant Hill
George Stevens
Michael M. Stevens
Sheila Davis Lawrence
Terrence Malick
James Jones