The Vagabond King Cast and Crew

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Kathryn Grayson - Catherine DeVaucelles
Rita Moreno - Huguette
Cedric Hardwicke - Tristan
Walter Hampden - King Louis XI
Leslie Nielsen - Thibault
William Prince - Rene
Jack Lord - Ferrebouc
Billy Vine - Jacques
Harry McNaughton - Colin
Florence Sundstrom - Laughing Margot
Lucie Lancaster - Margaret
Raymond Bramley - The Scar
Gregory Morton - General Antoine DeChabannes
Richard Tone - Quicksilver
Ralph Sumpter - Bishop of Paris and Turin
G Thomas Duggan - Burgundy
Gavin Gordon - Majordomo
Joel Ashley - Duke of Normandy
Ralph Clanton - Duke of Anjou
Gordon Mills - Duke of Bourbon
Richard Shannon - sergeant
Larry Pennell - 1st soldier
Frances Lansing - Lady in Waiting
Jeanette Miller - Lady in Waiting
Sam Schwartz - One Eye
Phyllis Newman - Lulu
Nancy Bajer - Blanche
Rita Maria Tanno - Belle
David Nillo - Speciality Dancer
Albie Gaye - Jeannie
Laura Raynair - Lady in Waiting
Dolores Starr - Speciality Dancer
Slim Gaut - Jehan
Vincent Price
Michael Curtiz
Pat Duggan
Ken Englund
Noel Langley
Rudolf Friml
William H Post
Brian Hooker
Justin Huntly McCarthy