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The Understudy

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Running Time: 85 mins.
Genre: Comedy

Louis Frederick
Eva Magyar
Gabor G Gyukics
Scott Crocker

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Sam Bennett is a would-be Shakespearean actor. Depressed over the state of his career, Sam decides to start all over, trashing his apartment, and in a symbolic attempt to break from his past, he tries to sink his granfather clock in San Francisco Bay. In the process, he is hit on the head and loses his memory. Sam is rescued by Marta, a wacky Hungarian woman who is married to a bank robber, something that is frowned on by the immigration authorities. Sam now believes himself to be "Ham," short for "Hamlet" and begins speaking lines from the play. When Marta decides to leave her husband for Ham in order to gain American citizenship, the immigration people suspect it is a sham marriage and the... Full Summary >>