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The Ultimate Warrior Cast and Crew

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Yul Brynner - Carson
Max von Sydow - The Baron
Joanna Miles - Melinda
William Smith - Carrot
Richard Kelton - Cal
Stephen McHattie - Robert
Carrel Zwerling - Silas
Janette Lane Bradbury - Barrie
Nate Esformes - Garon
Mel Novak - Lippert
Mickey Caruso - B Harkness
Gary Johnson - L Harkness
Susan Kener - Angry Woman
Stevie Myers - Ice House Woman
Fred Slyter - Store Room Clerk
Reggie Parton - Baron's Guard
Larry Bischof - Baron's Guard
Pat E Johnson - Carrot's Man
Henry Kingi - Carrot's Man
Robert Clouse
Fred Weintraub
Paul Heller
Robert Clouse