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The Ugly

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Release Date: May 01, 1998Running Time: 93 mins.
MPAA Rating: R
Genre: Horror

Paolo Rotondo
Rebecca Hobbs
Roy Ward
Vanessa Byrnes

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Set in a scrungy mental hospital, the interrogation of a seemingly placid serial killer, Simon Cartwright, by an attractive, self-confident, female psychiatrist, Dr. Shoemaker, who has earned a reputation, and has made headlines getting through to another killer. Told through his repetitive psychedelic flashes, it is revealed that Simon, is constantly haunted by voices and images of his victims; and thus, has never been able to stand trial because of his tenous mental state. Once Dr. Shoemaker begins to "get through" and has him released from handcuffs, Simon asserts that he's being urged by the voices to kill again.