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The farmers of the Argentinean pampas are as rough and ready as the arid grass of this seemingly endless steppe where they tend their farms. The harsh living conditions force them to help each other and share what little they have. This can lead to a harmonious coexistence--or not. When bitter, reticent farmer Poldo has the creeping suspicion that his neighbor Pichon has insulted his young, mute daughter, Nati, he promptly breaks off all contact with his old acquaintance and even forbids his wife to have anything to do with him. Little does he know that, behind his back, Pichon and his wife are having a passionate affair. Nati knows about her mother's infidelity, as does Pichon's son, who is Nati's only friend. The situation escalates when Poldo discovers some of Nati's drawings that describe what she has seen, drawings which her father interprets as incriminating evidence. Nothing can prevent him from taking his terrible revenge on his neighbor. The conflict between the two men takes an unexpected turn, however, when Poldo's revenge turns out to be merely the prelude of a much deeper, all-consuming tragedy that, once the facade of civilization has collapsed, finally destroys both families.