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The Missionary Cast and Crew

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Michael Palin - Reverend Charles Fortescue
Maggie Smith - Lady Ames
Trevor Howard - Lord Ames
Denholm Elliott - Bishop of London
Graham Crowden - Reverend Fitzbanks
Phoebe Nicholls - Deborah Fitzbanks
David Suchet - Corbett
Tricia George - Ada
Valerie Whittington - Emmeline
Roland Culver - Lord Fermleigh
Rosamund Greenwood - Lady Fermleigh
Timothy Spall - Parswell
Neil Innes - Singer in Gin Palace
John Barrett - Old Man Outside Hotel
Sally Watkins - Mission Girl
Sophie Thompson - Mission Girl
Francine Morgan - Mission Girl
Sasha Mitchell - Mission Girl
Janine Lesley - Mission Girl
Ceri Jackson - Mission Girl
Debbie Bishop - Mission Girl
Frances Barber - Mission Girl
Dawn Archibald - Mission Girl
Derrick O'Connor - Gym Trainer
Tony Fawcett - Mudflats Small Boy
Jason Barr - Mudflats Small Boy
Edward Bumstead - Mudflats Small Boy
David Leland - Long-Haired Man in Gin Palace
Anne-Marie Marriott - Emily
Hugh Fraser - Wedding Usher
Peter Bourke - Wedding Best Man
Janine Duvitski - Millicent
Tilly Vosburgh - Fermleigh's Maid
Arthur Howard - Fermleigh's Butler
Hugh Walters - Fermleigh's Doctor
Julian Curry - 1st Friend of Raggy Masterson
Charles McKeown - 2nd Friend of Raggy Masterson
Ishaq Bux - Maharajah
Tony Steedman - Lord Quimby
Damaris Hayman - Lady Quimby
Anton Lesser - Young Man
David Dixon - Young Man
Frank Mills - Sir Cyril Everidge
Yussef Shah - Maharajah Boy
John Fortune - Schoolmaster's Voice
Michael Hordern
Richard Loncraine
Neville C Thompson
Michael Palin
George Harrison
Denis O'Brien
Michael Palin