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The Messenger: the Story of Joan of Arc Cast and Crew

Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
John Malkovich - Charles VII
Faye Dunaway - Yolande of Aragon
Dustin Hoffman - Joan's Conscience
Tchéky Karyo - Dunois
Richard Ridings - La Hire
Jane Valentine - Joan
Pascal Greggory - The Duke of Alencon
Vincent Cassel - Gilles de Rais
Rab Affleck - Comrade
Stephane Algoud - Look Out
Edwin Apps - Bishop
David Bailie - English Judge
David Barber - English Judge
Christian Barbier - Captain
Timothy Bateson - English Judge
David Begg - Nobleman
Christian Bergner - Captain
Andrew Birkin - Talbot
Dominic Borrelli - English Judge
John Boswall - Old Priest
Matthew Bowyer - The Bludgeoned French Soldier
Paul Brooks - Domremy's Priest
Bruce Byron - Joan's Father
Charles Cork - Vaucouleur's Priest
Patrice Cossoneau - Captain
Tony D'Amario - Compiegne's Mayor
Daniel Daujon - Church's Peer
Tonio Descanvelle - Xaintrailles
Philippe du Janerand - Dijon
Sylviane Duparc - Mary of Anjou's Lady's Companion
Barbara Elbourn - The Aunt
Christian Erickson - La Tremoille
Tara Flanagan - Woman
Bruno Flender - Poitiers' Inquisitor
Serge Fournier - Church's Peer
David Gant - The Duke of Bedford
Syndey Golder - Cell's Guard
Jessica Goldman - Duchess of Bedford's Lady's Companion
Framboise Gommendy - Joan's Mother
Robert Goodman - Blackbeard
Jean Pierre Gos - Laxart
Joanne Greenwood - Catherine
Bernard Grenet - Senlis' Bishop
Valerie Griffiths - The Hag
Timothee Grimblat - Conscience
Richard Guille - English Guard
Thierry Guilmard - Assessor
Jerome Hankins - Nobleman
Desmond Harrington - Aulon
Jacques Herlin - Orleans' Priest
Len Hibberd - Comrade
Didier Hoarau - Assessor
Vera Jakob - Woman at the Cemetery
Michael Jenn - The Duke of Bungundy
Toby Jones - English Judge
Gerard Krawczyk - Church's Peer
Richard Leaf - Conscience
Franck LeBreton - Assessor
Joseph Malerba - Beaurevoir's Guard
Dominique Marcas - Poitiers' Inquisitor
Eric Mariotto - Young Monk
Rene Marquant - Rouen's Priest
Carl McCrystal - Glasdale
Gina McKee - The Duchess of Bedford
Phil McKee - Redbeard
Simon Meacock - The Teeth Soldier
John Merrick - Regnault de Chartres
Joseph O'Conor - Poitiers' Chief Inquisitor
Quentin Ogier - Louis
Kevin O'Neill - Scribe at Process
Melanie Page - Young Girl in Bath
Brian Pettifer - Torturer at Process
Philip Philmar - English Judge
Enee Piat - Monk at Coronation
Irving Pomepui - Louis XI
Olivier Rabourdin - Richemont
Vincent Regan - Buck
Brian Poyser - English Judge
Rene Remblier - Dijon's Assistant
Joseph Rezwin - Poitiers' Inquisitor
Ralph Riach - English Judge
Mark Richards - Corridor's Guard in Rouen
Malcolm Rogers - Bishop
Tara Romer - Gamaches
Julie-Anne Roth - Young Girl in Bath
Olga Sekulic - Mary of Anjou
Joseph Sheridan - Canon
Eric Tonetto - Captain
Vincent Tulli - Orleans' Physician
Jemima West - Girl
Tat Whalley - Raymond
Peter Whitfield - English Judge
Timothy West - Cauchon
Frederic Witta - Poitiers' Inquisitor
Bryan Poyser - English Judge
Luc Besson
Gerard Krawczyk
Jean-Paul Meurisse
Pascal Chaumeil
Patrice Ledoux
Marc Jenny
Oldrich Mach
Bernard Grenet
Luc Besson
Andrew Birkin