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Release Date: May 20, 1975Running Time: 88 mins.
MPAA Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy


Jack Nicholson

Warren Beatty

Stockard Channing

John Fiedler

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During the 1920s, Nicky wants to run away with his girl friend, an heiress named Freddy. But Nicky is not divorced yet, and in order to get around the 1920s Mann Act which forbid the transport of women across state lines for "immoral purposes," he has his crooked friend Oscar marry Freddy so that the three of them can legally leave New York and go to Los Angeles. The three move in together, but things begin to go wrong when Oscar feels left out and decides to correct the situation by demanding his husbandly right to sleep with Freddy. With the two men at odds now, Freddy tires of their arguing and threatens to give her inheritance to charity, prompting them to create a plan to kill her so th... Full Summary >>