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The Color of Money Cast and Crew

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Paul Newman - "Fast" Eddie Felson
Tom Cruise - Vincent Lauria
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Carmen
Helen Shaver - Janelle
John Turturro - Julian
Bill Cobbs - Orvis
Robert Agins - Earl at Chalkies
Keith McCready - Grady Seasons
Bruce A Young - Moselle
Alvin Anastasia - Kennedy
Randall Arney - 1st Child World Customer
Elizabeth Bracco - Diane at Bar
Vito D'Ambrosio - Lou in Child World
Ron Dean - Guy in Crowd
Lisa Dodson - 2nd Child World Customer
Donald A Feeney - 1st Referee
Paul Geier - "Two Brothers/Stranger" player
Carey Goldenberg - Congratulating Spectator
Joe Guastaferro - Chuck the Bartender
Paul Herman - Player in Casino Bar
Lawrence Linn - Congratulating Spectator
Mark Jarvis - Guy at Janelle's
Jimmy Mataya - Julian's Friend in Green Room
Grady Matthews - Dud
Carol Messing - Julian's Flirt
Steve Mizerak - Duke--Eddie's First Opponent
Rick Mohr - Congratulating Spectator
Michael Nash - Moselle's Opponent
Mario Nieves - 3rd Latin Guy
Miguel Nino - 1st Latin Guy
Andy Nolfo - 2nd Referee
Ernest Perry - Eye Doctor
Jerry Piller - Tom
Iggy Pop - Skinny Player on the Road
Richard Price - Guy Who Calls Dud
Juan Ramirez - 2nd Latin Guy
Alex Ross - Bartender Who Bets
Peter Saxe - Casino Bar Band Member
Charles Scorsese - 1st High Roller
Rodrick Selby - Congratulating Spectator
Christina Sigel - Waitress
Harold L Simonsen - Chief Justice Tournament
Fred Squillo - 2nd High Roller
Brian Sunina - Casino Bar Band Member
Wanda Christine - Casino Clerk
Forest Whitaker - Amos
Jim Widlowski - Casino Bar Band Member
Lloyd Moss - --Resorts International
Martin Scorsese
Barbara De Fina
Irving Axelrad
Dodie Foster
Richard Price
Walter S Tevis