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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Summary

When 10-year old Lil' JB serenades his ultra-conservative family with a rocking rendition of "Kickapoo," a song with lyrics that would make a sailor blush, his father unleashes his belt and shows him no mercy, tearing down all of his beloved rock posters. JB then implores Dio, one of his rock Gods, for guidance. Dio reassures him that he is on the right path but he must leave his stifling home environment and go to Hollywood to "find the secrets of his art." JB spends the next several years on the road stopping at numerous towns called Hollywood until he finally arrives in rock 'n roll Mecca--Hollywood, California. Strolling along the Venice boardwalk, he is enthralled by the music of KG, a troubadour playing Bach's "Bourrees in E Minor" on a classical guitar. Although his naïve suggestion that they form a band together is rebuffed, JB joins in on KG's melody. To JB they are jam-ming; to KG, the neophyte is driving away his crowd. After the dust settles, a friendship is formed and a band is born. KG's funds having been cut off by his parents, the two are in desperate straits. Their only hope is to win Open Mic Night at Al's Bar. When their first performance is met with less than a stellar response, they determine that to win the contest they need to write a masterpiece. They soon realize this is much harder than they ever imagined. Then Fate intervenes: they notice that every cover photo in their collection of Rolling Stone magazines show all the great rockers using the same peculiar guitar pick. Racing to The Guitar Center to buy one, the store manager has an acute reaction when they show him the covers. Leading them to a private room, the ex-guitar tech turned rock historian tells them the history of The Pick of Destiny--the darkest secret in the history of rock. The Pick, he informs them, now resides in the Rock and Roll History Museum--an impenetrable fortress.