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Taxi Driver Cast and Crew

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Robert De Niro - Travis Bickle
Cybill Shepherd - Betsy
Peter Boyle - Wizard
Albert Brooks - Tom
Leonard Harris - Charles Palantine
Harvey Keitel - Sport
Jodie Foster - Iris
Murray Mosten - Iris' Time Keeper
Richard Higgs - Tall Secret Service Man
Victor Argo - Melio
Steven Prince - Andy, Gun Salesman
Martin Scorsese - Passenger Watching Silhouette
Diahnne Abbot - Concession Girl
Frank Adu - Angry Black Man
Gino Aroito - Policeman at Rally
Garth Avery - Iris's Friend
Harry Cohn - Cabbie in Bellmore
Copper Cunningham - Hooker in Cab
Harry Fischler - Dispatcher
Nat Grant - Stick-Up Man
Vic Magnotta - Secret Service Photographer
Bob Maroff - Mafioso
Norman Matlock - Charlie T.
Bill Minkin - Tom's Assistant
Harry Northup - Doughboy
Gene Palma - Street Drummer
Carey Poe - Campaign Worker
Peter Savage - The John
Brenda Dickson - Soap Opera Woman
Beau Kayser - Soap Opera Man
Joe Spinell - Personnel Officer
Robert Shields - Palantine Aide
Ralph Singleton - T.V. Interviewer
Maria Turner - Angry Hooker on Street
Robin Utt - Campaign Worker
Martin Scorsese
Michael Phillips
Julia Phillips
Phillip M Goldfarb
Paul Schrader

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