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Check Out Liam Neeson In The Action-Packed 'Taken 2,' Now On DVD, Blu-ray & More

1/16/2013 5:19am EST
Taken 2
His family targeted by a vengeful crime boss in Istanbul, retired CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) fights an army of killers to ensure their safe return in "Taken 2," an action sequel from director Olivier Megaton and producer/co-writer Luc Besson.

As the families of the kidnappers killed by Mills gather together for a mass funeral, their leader Merad (Rade Sherbedgia) vows to make the man who brought them so much misery pay. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Mills invites his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) and their daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) to join him on a trip to Istanbul after their ...

Best of 2012 - Jason Coleman's Top Ten Films

12/28/2012 11:00am EST
Sound o noise
This is it folks – the final list for the year! And as always we’ve saved the best for last with a gaggle of ten of the most original, romantic, brutal, disgusting and thoughtful films to ever grace the vast silver screen. (Or at least the 2012 multiplex mini-screens!) And while there were a gaggle of year-end heavy hitters that missed ("Lincoln" way too long, "Zero Dark Thirty" not enough Bigelow style and "Django Unchained" seriously uneven!), flicks designed for the smart set that came up short ("Beasts of the Southern Wild" had hidden meaning yes, but still needs to be a good movie f...

'Taken 2' Overtakes 'Argo' At Weekend Box Office

10/15/2012 8:19am EDT
Taken 2
"Taken 2" has taken the top spot at the box office for the second weekend running. The film centers on CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), who must fight an army of killers in Istanbul, Turkey, after his family is targeted by a vengeful crime boss.

"Taken 2" made $22.5 million; it genereated $50 million during its debut opening weekend.

Ben Affleck's CIA thriller "Argo" came in second place with $20.1 million, and Ethan Hawke's horror flick "Sinister" made a respectable $18 million.

The animated film "Hotel Transylvania" careened past the $100 million mark, taking in an estimated $17.3 ...

‘Taken 2’ Still Stimulating Despite Absurdity

10/10/2012 12:16am EDT
Bryan Mills with gun
No matter how stressful driving lessons with your parents might have been, they can't even compare to the ones Kim Mills (Maggie Grace) must endure in "Taken 2." If you saw "Taken," then you already know how anal retentive and protective her ex-spy father Bryan (Liam Neeson) is. Heck, after she was kidnapped by Albanian sex traffickers in that film, he pieced together clues to swiftly rescue her, leaving an enormous pile of dead bodies in his wake. That being the case, he's definitely not the kind of overbearing guy you'd want giving you automotive instruction.

Why are driving lessons even...

'Taken 2' Takes Top Box Office Spot; 'Frakenweenie' Disappoints

10/8/2012 8:59am EDT
Taken 2
Liam Neeson's kidnap drama "Taken 2" killed at the weekend box office, grossing $50 million. The action sequel's huge opening was double that of "Taken's" original outing in 2009, when it debuted with $24.7 million.

In the film, a retired CIA agent (Neeson) finds his family targeted by a vengeful crime boss in Istanbul. He must fight an army of killers to ensure their safe return.

Last week's number-one film, animated family hit "Hotel Transylvania," fell to second place with $26.3 million, while musical comedy "Pitch Perfect" entered the list at three with $14.7 million.

Sci-fi thrille...

Liam Neeson Won't Be Back For 'Taken 3'

10/5/2012 9:36pm EDT
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson won't be back as action man Bryan Mills in a third Taken movie - because the first sequel's director can't imagine there's anywhere for his kidnap expert character to go.

The Irish actor originally signed on to play Mills in Taken because he was intrigued by the script and thrilled by the prospect of working with French filmmaker Luc Besson, who created his character.

Neeson expected the film to go straight to DVD, but it became an unexpected hit in 2008 and now the sequel is expected to debut at the top of the box office this weekend as film experts predict a third movie.

'Taken 2' Review: A Super Exciting, But At Times, An Unintentionally Funny Sequel

10/5/2012 1:05pm EDT
'Taken 2'
'Taken 2', a sequel to the very highly successful 2008 film, 'Taken' which made 230 million dollars, once again stars the very tall, very talented, Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, ex CIA agent extraordinaire.

The film has great action, edge of your seats thrills and many...unintentional, funny moments that had me LMAO.

For example...(don't worry this isn't a SPOILER)...During one very intense scene in the film, Bryan is on the phone with his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace) who's hiding from the bad guys in their hotel room. He tells her to...'Grab a couple of grenades, a couple of guns but as...

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Taken 2,' 'Frankenweenie,' 'Pitch Perfect' & More

10/5/2012 11:00am EDT
Taken 2 Poster
This weekend at the movies Liam Neeson is back as tough ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills in “Taken 2,” Tim Burton delivers the feature-length version of his animated short “Frankenweenie,” Anna Kendrick sings her heart out in the comedy “Pitch Perfect,” Nicole Kidman gets scandalous in the thriller “The Paperboy,” a collaboration of directors subject you to nightmarish found footage in the horror anthology “V/H/S.”

I’ve seen “Taken 2,” “Frankenweenie,” and “V/H/S,” so I’ll share my thoughts on those.

MY PICKS: “Taken 2,” “The Paperboy,” and "V/H/S"


While vacationing with his f...