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Release Date: March 11, 1971Running Time: 88 mins.
Genre: Sci-Fi

Robert Duvall
Rob Carliner
Donald Pleasence
Don Pedro Colley

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In an underground, totalitarian society in the future, sexuality has been outlawed and constant sedation of men and women is mandatory. But THX 1138 and his female roommate LUH 3417 have been cutting back on their medications and have fallen in love, so THX 1138 is imprisoned for drug evasion and misconduct of a sexual nature. With help from an inmate, THX 1138 breaks out to find LUH3417 who is pregnant. Because the funding for fugitive pursuits are quite limited, THX 1138 will survive if he can evade the robocops, but his vehicle keeps overheating and surveillance is everywhere.