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Running Time: 115 mins.
Genre: Comedy, Romance


Jay Huguley

Robert Walden

Ken Kercheval

Valarie Pettiford

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Kate McCarthy, a former teenage sitcom star is down on her luck. The glory days of her fame are long gone, and she has just gotton out of a rehab after a career-destroying seven year drug habit. As Kate attempts to earn a living for the first time in her life, and not slide back into drugs, she has to cope with a new nemesis--the striaght arrow UCLA grad student who works as the building manager/handyman of the "dump" where she now lives. He can't stand anything about her trendy LA lifestyle she seems to represent. Slowly, trying to cope with the odd asssortment of new neighbors, including the homeless man who lives on the front lawn, Kate learns that life might turn out very differently fr... Full Summary >>