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Now Playing: The stars of Cyrus in L.A The Get Down! Supercut
2014-01-22 America's Favorite Stoners Partner Up Once Again In 'The Interview'
2013-10-11 'Sausage Party' Coming Soon
2013-09-24 The To Do List 'Maggie Carey: Directing Her To Do List' Featurette
2013-07-16 The Apocalypse, for once, provides some humour
2013-06-28 Man of Steel News Pop: Dark 'Man of Steel' Groomed to Reboot Superman Film Franchise
2013-06-14 Superman News Pop: Can Superheroes Save the Hollywood Box Office?
2013-06-14 Entertainment News Pop: The Wanted's Nathan Sykes: I Had a Panic Attack Before Vocal Surgery
2013-06-13 Movies News Pop: 'Man of Steel' Takes Aim At 'This Is The End'
2013-06-13 Dreamworks The Croods Star Clark Duke
2013-04-11 Movies that Deserve Sequels
2013-04-02 Movies That Deserve Sequels
2013-04-02 Superbad - Unscripted Part 2
2012-12-16 Superbad - Unscripted Part 3
2012-12-16 The Watch 'Chelsea In Garage' Deleted Scene
2012-11-27 The Watch Bressman Visits Evan Deleted Scene
2012-11-27 The Watch Jonah Hill Alternate Takes
2012-11-27 The Watch Special Feature Clip Watchmakers
2012-11-27 Take This Waltz
2012-07-11 Superbad's McLovin Lands Comedy on CBS
2012-04-09 Goon - Clip - I Bounce
2012-01-06 Goon - Exclusive Interview With Seann William Scott
2012-01-06 Emma Stone Got Start On VH1 Reality Show
2011-08-28 Bridesmaids (Trailer 2) [FULL HD]
2011-04-03 Bridesmaids (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2011-02-04 Apatow critical of Gervais as host
2011-01-23 Seth Rogan is a geek!
2011-01-16 The stars of Cyrus in L.A.
2010-06-21 Hollywood's Hardest-Working Actors
2010-05-25 Aaron Johnson is Kick-Ass
2010-04-02 Michael Cera back on big screen
2010-02-07 Funny Movie Quotes Pass the Popcorn.45
2009-11-06 Funny Movie Quotes Pass the Popcorn.10
2009-10-08 Funny Movie Quotes Pass the Popcorn.7

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