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Ryan Phillippe Is Not A Catch

3/17/2011 4:00pm EDT
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe has been featured on a lot of gossip websites lately, mostly because his ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp is possibly pregnant with his baby. The actor says he will "glady" take a parternity test after the baby is born.

What makes the situation interesting is that he's currently dating "Red Riding Hood" star Amanda Seyfried. We wonder what she thinks about the whole situation? It's happened before in Hollywood - Bridget Moynahan had her ex Tom Brady's baby while he dated Gisele Bundchen. That must have been really awkward.

Ryan and Amanda faced break-up rumors last month, and it...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Depressed After '3rd Rock'

7/6/2010 6:00pm EDT
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt suffered from a bout of depression when he quit hit TV comedy 3rd Rock From The Sun - because he was convinced the decision would be detrimental to his acting career.

The 29 year old left the sitcom in 2001, after five years on the show, to focus on completing his studies, but he admits he soon regretted the move.

He tells Details magazine, "I was scared and depressed for a while. Not that I had any reason to f**king be depressed - I mean, I was going to college and everything. It was not like I was hungry. But absolutely, I was like, 'S**t, I don't know if anybody'...

Ryan Phillippe Ended Abbie Cornish Relationship

2/23/2010 10:44am EST
Ryan Phillippe Ended Abbie Cornish Relationship
Ryan Phillippe ended his relationship with Abbie Cornish after the couple grew apart, according to his rep. The actress' spokesperson stated on Sunday Cornish had ended their three-year romance shortly after the Australian was spotted moving her belongings out of their shared Los Angeles home.

However, a rep for the Cruel Intentions star insists he instigated the break-up, explaining: "Ryan ended the relationship with Abbie while she was in Australia, which was before New York Fashion Week, and asked her to move out of his house, which she did this weekend. She was out of town working f...

Ryan Phillippe Splits From Abbie Cornish

2/22/2010 8:54am EST
Ryan Phillippe Splits From Abbie Cornish
Ryan Phillippe is single again after Abbie Cornish ended their relationship and moved out of their California home. Cornish was spotted moving her belongings out of their joint property in Los Angeles on Sunday, prompting speculation the couple had split.

A representative for Cornish has now confirmed the Australian actress is no longer dating Phillippe, telling, "Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home."

Her spokesperson would not confirm the reason behind the break up. The former couple met on the set of Stop-Loss in 2006 and began dating ...

'G.I. Joe' - The Latest In A Long Line Of Mediocre, Nostalgia Mining Blockbusters

8/5/2009 9:55am EDT
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
It's been over a month since Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen raked in $62 million on its opening day. Michael Bay's second installment to the Transformers series went on to make much more than that, currently cashing in over $796 million worldwide. Despite a phenomenal performance in the box office, Revenge of the Fallen was ripped apart by fans and critics alike. Critics balked at the movie’s obtuse premise that stretched for over two hours, while fans cringed at incomprehensible fight scenes, sloppy storytelling and dull characters. Even though Revenge of the Fallen suffered near unan...

Workplace Romance: Costars Who Fell In Love

8/19/2008 12:08pm EDT
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
It is widely acknowledged that workplace romances are a definite no-no; clearly, some famous actors and actresses didn't get the memo. From classic romantic duos Bogey/Bacall and Spencer/Tracy to contemporary pairings like "Bennifer" and "Brangelina", since the inception of cinema, thespians have taken on-set relationships from reel-life to real-life.

Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland's hearts skipped a beat while filming Flatliners (1990). Tom Cruise admired a young Aussie actress named Nicole Kidman and had her cast opposite him in Days of Thunder. The movie Seven ended with Gwynet...

Opening March 28: Stop-Loss

3/25/2008 3:19pm EDT
After serving his tour of duty in Iraq, a young American soldier who is ordered to return to the front lines as part of the military's controversial stop-loss opts instead to go AWOL in a thought-provoking military drama directed by Kimberly Peirce. Sgt. Brandon King (Ryan Philippe) is a decorated Iraq War veteran who once served his country... Continue Summary

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March Movie Preview

2/29/2008 1:25pm EST
Horton Hears a Who
With the month of love at our heels and St. Patrick's day right around the corner, the weather is promising to thaw and the movies are starting to get hot. Oscar season is over, which can mean only one thing: the push to summer block busters is right around the corner.

Fans of academy-driven mellow drama, art pictures, or just some more meaningful films must go into hiding for a few months or simply stay glued to George Clooney's IMDb in production page. Meanwhile, mindless summer gags are toning their movie-watching physique at muscle beach getting ready for their time. All that stan...