Steel City Summary

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In a small Midwestern town, where generations of men march off to the local steel mill every morning and find reprieve every night at the local tavern, the men of the Lee family are tormented; their lives in stagnation. During a cold, gray winter, Carl Lee is arrested and charged with vehicular homicide after a night of drinking. His only contact with the outside world: his youngest boy, PJ, who desperately tries to reconnect with his father through regular visits to the county jail. PJ's world is crumbling around him; he's unable to make payments on his father's house or hold down a steady job. Carl's other son, Ben has slipped even further into an apathetic state. A proud, angry man who has come to despise his father, Ben has taken up with a local barmaid, despite being a husband and father himself. With Carl out on a short furlough from jail before his date in court, the Lee patriarch must try and bring his damaged family back together, unburdening them of the decades of hurt and resentment he's caused.