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Stay Hungry Cast and Crew

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Jeff Bridges - Craig Blake
Susan Bridges - Craig Blake
Sally Field - Mary Tate Farnsworth
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Joe Santo
R G Armstrong - Thor Erickson
Robert Englund - Franklin
Helena Kallianiotes - Anita
Roger E Mosley - Newton
Woodrow Parfrey - Craig's Uncle
Scatman Crothers - Butler
Kathleen Miller - Dorothy Stephens
Fannie Flagg - Amy Walterson
Joanna Cassidy - Joe Mason
Hal Foss - Richard Gilliland
Ed Begley - Lester
John David Carson - Halsey
Joe Spinell - Jabo
Cliff Pellow - Walter Jr
Dennis Fimple - Bubba
Nutter Mayf - Packman
Bob Rafelson
Harold Schneider
Bob Rafelson
Bob Rafelson
Charles Gaines