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To the 100 million gamers living in the United States today, the more super-realistic and obsessively addictive a videogame is, the better. But there is a game about to hit the shelves that is so harrowingly real, so capable of taking over your life, its effects are more than thrilling--they're deadly. The new horror survival game, "Stay Alive," inspired by the true-life story of the shocking 17th century serial killer known as "The Blood Countess," is still in beta testing. But it's already got a sizzling reputation for supernatural chills and death-defying challenges that push the player to the edge. There's just one little problem--the group of New Orleans gamers who recently got their hands on an underground copy of "Stay Alive" keep winding up dead--one by one--each killed in the same way that their characters died in the game. So are they playing--or is the game playing them? Get ready for a riveting motion picture experience that blurs the lines between games, legends and reality--and takes off into the realm of totally original, mind-bending horror. Young gamers Hutch, Abigail, Swink, October and Phineus are about to play for the highest of stakes as they move back and forth between a next-generation digital fantasy world and the very real dangers of the physical world--all while desperately trying to stay alive.