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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Cast and Crew

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Alec Baldwin - Voice of Dennis
Carolyn Lawrence - Voice of Sandy
Clancy Brown - Voice of Mr Krabs
Scarlett Johansson - Voice of Mindy
Jeffrey Tambor - Voice of King Neptune
David Hasselhoff - Himself
Mary Jo Catlett - Voice of Mrs Puff
Kristopher Logan - Voice of Squinty the Pirate
D P Fitzgerald - Voice of Bonesy the Pirate
Cole McKay - Voice of Scruffy the Pirate
Dylan Haggerty - Voice of Stitches the Pirate
Bart McCarthy - Voice of Captain Bart the Pirate
Henry Kingi - Voice of Inky the Pirate
Randolph Jones - Voice of Tiny the Pirate
Paul Zies - Voice of Upper Deck the Pirate
Gerard Greisbaum - Voice of Fingers the Pirate
Maxie J Santillan - Voice of Gummy the Pirate
Peter DeYoung - Voice of Leatherhead the Pirate
Gino Montesinos - Voice of Tango the Pirate
John Siciliano - Voice of Pokey the Pirate
David Stifel - Voice of Cookie the Pirate
Alex Baker - Voice of Martin the Pirate
Robin Russell - Voice of Sniffy the Pirate
Tommy Schooler - Voice of Salty the Pirate
Ben Wilson - Voice of Stovepipe the Pirate
Jose Zelaya - Voice of Dooby the Pirate
Mageina Tovah - Voice of Usher
Chris Cummins - Voice of Concession Guy
Todd Duffey - Voice of Concession Guy
Tom Kenny - Voice of Gary
Dee Bradley Baker - Voice of Perch Perkins
Sirena Irwin - Voice of Reporter
Rodger Bumpass - Voice of Fish #4
Bill Fagerbakke - Voice of Chum Customer
Jill Talley - Voice of Old Lady
Lori Alan - Voice of Pearl
Tom Wilson - Voice of Tough Fish #1 (Victor)
Carlos Alazraqui - Voice of Squire
Joshua Seth - Voice of Prisoner
Tim Blaney - Voice of Singing Goofy Goober
Derek Drymon - Voice of The Screamer
Aaron Springer - Voice of Laughing Bubble
Aaron Hendry - Voice of Cyclops Diver
Neil Ross - Voice of the Cyclops
Stephen Hillenburg - Voice of the Parrot
Michael Patrick Bell - Voice of Fisherman
Stephen Hillenburg
Stephen Hillenburg
Julia Pistor
Albie Hecht
Gina Shay
Derek Drymon
Ramsey Naito
Derek Drymon
Kent Osborne
Aaron Springer
Paul Tibbitt
Stephen Hillenburg
Tim Hill