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John Candy - Charlie
Donna Dixon - Tiffany
Matt Frewer - Alec
Joe Flaherty - Vic
Tim Matheson - Jack
Mimi Kuzyk - Heather
Melody Anderson - Lee
Shari Belafonte - Margaret
Brian George - Valentino
Art Hindle - Flash
Dick Smothers - Nelson
Tom Smothers - Randolph
Peter Boyle - Chief Edsel
Donald Lake - Whitman
John Schneide - 1st Cannonballer
Jamie Farr - 2nd Cannonballer
Lee Van Cleef - Grandfather
Harvey Atkin - Gus Gold
Eugene Levy - Leo Ross
Michael Spinks - Bachelor
Brooke Shields - Stewardess
Alyssa Milano - Truck Driver
Louis Del Grande - Salesman
Carl Lewis - Jogger
Jim Drake
Fred Waugh
Albert S Ruddy
Andre Morgan
Don Carmody
Murray Shostak
Vivienne Leebosh
Michael Short

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