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Spaced Invaders Cast and Crew

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Douglas Barr - Sam
Royal Dano - Wrenchmuller
Ariana Richards - Kathy
J J Anderson - Brian--Duck
Gregg Berger - Klembecker
Wayne Alexander - Vern
Fred Applegate - Russell
Patrika Darbo - Mrs Vanderspool
Tonya Lee Williams - Ernestine
Ryan Todd - Sid Ghost
Barry O'Neill - Clown Kid
Adam Hansley - Pig Kid
Casey Sander - Radio Announcer
Rose Parenti - Old Wife
Glen Vernon - 1st Old Guy
Hal Riddle - 2nd Old Guy
Kent Minault - 2nd Dumb Guy
William Holmes - 1st Dumb Guy
Jim Eusterman - Clown
Justine L Henry - Dody
Jimmy Briscoe - Captain Bipto
Tony Cox - Pez
Debbie Lee Carrington - Doctor Ziplock
Tommy Madden - Giggywig
Jeff Winklis - of Captain Bipto
Bruce Lanoil - of Pez
Joe Alaskey - of Doctor Ziplock
Tony Pope - of Giggywig
Patrick Read Johnson - of Commander--Enforcer Drone
Kirk R Thatcher - of Spiff
Kevin Thompson - Blaznee
Patrick Read Johnson
Scott Ressler
Luigi G Cingolani
John S Curran
George Zecevic
Jason Clark
Caroline Pham
Patrick Read Johnson
Scott L Alexander