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Snow Dogs Cast and Crew

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Cuba Gooding - Ted Brooks
James Coburn - Thunder Jack
Mark Andrews - Doctor Rupert Brooks
Nichelle Nichols - Amelia Brooks
M. Emmet Walsh - George
Graham Greene - Peter Yellowbear
Brian Doyle-Murray - Ernie
Joanna Bacalso - Barb
Jean-Michel Pare - Olivier
Michael Bolton - Himself
Jason Pouliotte - Sneed Brother No 1
David Boyce - Sneed Brother No 2
Frank C Turner - Neely
Ron Small - Arthur
Alison Matthews - TV Reporter
Jascha Washington - Young Ted
Christopher Judge - Doctor Brooks
Lisa Dahling - Mrs Yepremian
Danielle Folta Kehealy - Rollberblader with Dog
Peter Musooli - Valet
Lossen Chambers - Receptionist
Andrea Butterfield - Patient
Oscar Goncalves - Enresto Julio Santisto
Angela Moore - Lucy
Tracey Henderson - Vet No 1
Randy Birch - Vet No 2
Dave Ward - Taxi Driver
Donnelly Rhodes - Race Official No 1
Jay Brazeau - Race Official No 2
Phillip Beer - Chess Player
George Labelle - Chess Player
Monika Kramlik - Miami Party Girl
Gwendolyn Osborne - Miami Party Girl
Anthony Harrison - Dentist
Shaw Madsen - Blonde Guy
Joe Maffei - Old Man
Nicole Oliver - Nurse
Veronica Shattuck - Chatting Woman No 1
Nicola O'Shea - Chatting Woman No 2
James Belushi - of Demon
Jane Sibbett - of Nana
Brian Levant
E J Foerster
EJ Foerster
Jordan Kerner
Christine Whitaker
Casey Grant
Allison Millican
Jim Kouf
Tommy Swerdlow
Michael Goldberg
Mark Gibson
Phil Halprin
Gary Paulsen