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High school student Arthur plays trombone in the marching band, works at the local Chinese restaurant and avoids his squabbling parents. At work, he busses tables and flirts with Annie who used to be his baby-sitter. Annie is trying to rebuild her life after splitting with high school sweetheart Glenn and is happy to reciprocate Arthur's flirtations. With her marriage to Glenn ending in chaos, she is left to fend for herself and their young daughter. A man with a troubled past, Glenn hopes to rebuild his life by getting a job and tries to reconnect with his family. At school, Arthur is befriended by Lila, a pretty girl who is just as nerdy as he is, and they quickly develop a crush on each other. Though Lila makes her feelings and affection for Arthur painfully obvious, Arthur is reluctant to engage in a relationship because of his own parents marital troubles. As his father, Don, moves out of the family home, Arthur observes the drama unfold as his mother Louise struggles to keep it together. As he begins to fall for the irresistible Lila, Arthur watches Annie and Glenn tear each other apart at the same time as his parents begin new and separate lives. These relationships spin around each other in orbits of pain, love and desperation. Then, on a cold winter morning, Glenn and Annie's past catches up with their future. For them, and for everyone who knows them, nothing will ever be the same.